Sep Where Goldman invites the reader to love his villains, Peoples asks the reader to grieve for and understand his. Unforgiven is an esoteric title. To whom does it refer? To Munny?

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The Scofield Kid visits William Munny Clint Eastwood on his farm, looking to partner up with Munny to help him "kill a couple of no good cowboys for cutting up a lady" and in return split half of the reward money. Munny declines the offer, making it clear that his late wife cured him of his wickedness. The Scofield Kid leaves, letting Munny know he's riding West toward Wyoming in case he changes his mind. Munny, coming to grips that he's a failure as a hog farmer and unable to provide for his kids, decides to take the Kid up on his offer, but stops at his former partner Ned's home on the way.

After being brought up to speed on the situation and agreeing that the cowboys "got it coming", Ned Morgan Freeman suggests joining them, splitting the reward three ways. Munny, Ned, and the Kid arrive at the town's saloon during a downpour, Munny sick with a fever.

After Ned and the Kid go upstairs with the prostitutes, Sheriff Little Bill Daggett Gene Hackman sizes up Munny as an assassin after the reward money and beats him up, kicking him out into the street. Ned and the Kid escape through a window, managing to get Munny on his horse and ride out of town.

After Munny kills the first cowboy, Ned has had enough and decides to leave Munny and the Kid to return back home to Kansas; however, Munny and the Kid are unaware that Ned is captured by Little Bill's men.

Little Bill interrogates and tortures him to find out about Red's accomplices. Following the killing of the second cowboy, one of the prostitutes meets Munny and the Kid with the reward money, informing them that Little Bill killed Ned and put him on display with a sign on him in front of the town saloon. Upon hearing the news, Munny takes a drink of whiskey for the first time in ten years, sends the Kid home with the reward money, and prepares to ride into town to kill Little Bill. Subscribe to Newsletter.

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He's a cold mean killer with a good heart. He's always a master of himself and the surroundings. Only thing that I didn't like was the way Gene Hackman acted in it, they could've put in someone else in his place, like Tommy Lee Jones. But I still love this movie, because Clint is the right man for the right western movie job. Cooleemee Edd 10 out of 10 Clint is the man for the action. He just gets better with age! This is far better than the old "Spaghetti Westerns".


Review: Unforgiven (Unspecified Shooting Script: 1992)

The film portrays William Munny, an aging outlaw and killer who takes on one more job years after he had turned to farming. Eastwood stated that the film would be his last Western for fear of repeating himself or imitating someone else's work. Eastwood dedicated the film to directors and mentors Sergio Leone and Don Siegel. In , Unforgiven was added to the United States National Film Registry of the Library of Congress as being deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".


Unforgiven (1992)

The film has held up as one of the best of its genre, mainly due to its ability to take the tropes of the western and flip them all on their heads. Instead of giving audiences a hero to cheer, the film holds up a mirror to reflect their horror when the killings they usually root for in a western come to bear. Legend has it that Eastwood read the script and loved it, but believed he needed to be older to play the role of William Munny, so he tossed the script in the proverbial drawer and waited. Eight years later, the film Eastwood shot was almost exactly as scripted in In a recent episode of the Scriptnotes podcast, screenwriters John August and Craig Mazin deconstruct this deconstructed western, comparing script page to screen, and illuminating why the story works so well both in written and visual forms. Even when other characters tell us Munny was once the "goddamndest meanest sonofabitch" there was, Munny doesn't own up to the legend, and we're not exactly buying it either.

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