The is a mono output amplifier contained a 9 pin medium power package. The device is designed for battery-fed portable mono recorders, radios and television. For space reasons there is a trend to decrease the number of external components. For portable applications there is also a trend to decrease the number of battery cells, but still a reasonable output power is required. The TDA fulfills both of these requirements.

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So here the given circuit demonstrates how to use TDA chip for audio amplification application. But before that first let us understand the pin diagram of TDA Circuit description:. All of you may know about many different single chip audio amplifiers, some of which are very popular like LM, LM from National Instrumentation NI.

But what if you get a single chip audio amplifier of 3W output that does not require any external components?

This chip does not require any external components. This chip is widely used in different audio amplifier circuits for audio recorders and players, MP3 players and other such devices. Its major features are:. The circuit is built using only two chips, namely melody generator UM66 and audio amplifier TDA along with few additional capacitors like resistors, pot and capacitors.

For giving audio input, the best possible choice is melody generator chip UM66 that requires around 3 V input given by voltage divider network build using R1 and R2.

The 5 V input is reduced to around 3 V. R3 is used for volume control. Vcc pin 2 is given 12 V supply along with two capacitors connected as shown in the above figure.

The circuit uses two supplies 5 V and 12 V for its operation. The output is around 3 W. So by varying pot volume of output, the tone can also be adjusted.

The pot limits input signal to TDA and thus provides volume control. So by varying pot volume of output tone can be adjusted. Connect with Engineers Garage on Social Media. Search Engineers Garage. Connect audio signal input through pot or fixed resistor of 5K.


TDA7056 amplifier. Datasheet pdf. Equivalent



Audio Amplifier TDA7056




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