Result Pages: 1 2 3. Connect Your Equipment to the Cloud with Workpad. Toggle navigation. Recently calibrated by GE and comes with new carrying case.

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Result Pages: 1 2 3. Connect Your Equipment to the Cloud with Workpad. Toggle navigation. Recently calibrated by GE and comes with new carrying case. Nortec D with all accessories. PS 5 Scanner. Recently calibrated. Make a decent offer! The only problem I see with this scope is the waterproof keyboard membrane is getting brittle.

The B-Scan was an expensive upgrade on this machine. Call for questions. We want to give a hands on practical for our candidates on the best instruments. The unit powers up, and is in decent cosmetic condition. It does need 6 D cell batteries they are not included. There are no probes included in this auction. Unit has less than hours operating in the shop, and 0 field work hours. Unit is impeccable.

Charger isnt available only the unit itself, the soft carrying case and the shoulder strap. Unit can be operated on regular alkaline batteries or nicad, option available in the battery compartment. Price is firm. Pictures available upon request to seri Unit comes with carrying bag and is in good working condition. The unit is calibrated and ready to go.

Contact by phone or email for price. This unit is practically new and comes with all possible extra options installed. It's fully loaded with calibration certificate and ready to go. Please contact by email or phone for price. Unit is in excellent condition with calibration certificate. Unit comes with carrying case. An external charger will be given. I have purchased a newer machine and no longer need this one. It works fine, holds a calibration and I have used it for about years testing people and some minor jobs in the field.

Let me know if interested and I will send pictures. Please be reasonable in the offers as I have not listed it on e-bay as of yet and would like to sell it for Please contact by email or phone. Unit is in good condition. Does not have charger but works on 6 nos "D" batteries. An external charger can be used to charge the "D" batteries. The units are in excellent condition. USN 50L 2. USN 50R 3. USN 52R Please call or email for pictures and price. First come first serve basis. Ultrasonic flaw detectors for Sale!

Please drop me a line! The units are in good shape. They are calibrated and ready to go. Please contact me immediately if you have one for sale. American Institute of Nondestructive Testing. American Testing Services, Ltd. Applied Technical Services. Applus RTD. Barracuda Specialty Service. BWX Technologies, Inc.

Cygnus Instruments Inc. Doncasters Southern Tool. Donna Coleman and Associates. Draken International. Eagle Testing Company. Eddyfi Technologies.

Evraz NA. Graham Corporation. Guangdong Goworld Co. Innovation Polymers. Iris Inspection Services, Inc. IUOE Local MFE Enterprises, Inc.

MFE Rentals. MQC Labs, Inc. National Inspection and Consultants. Oceanscan, Inc. Olympus Scientific Solutions Americas. Phoenix National Laboratories, Inc. Pine Environmental. Potowmac Engineers, Inc. PRO Inspection, Inc.

Scientific Instruments. Sensor Networks, Inc. Sky Testing Services Inc. Spartan Rentals. Strom Engineering. TesTex, Inc. Workpad LLC. X-R-I Testing. Result Pages: 1 2 3 Search Terms:. Newest First Alphabetical Changed Recently.


Manual krautkramer usk 7

Reducing the influence of human factors on the reliability of manual ultrasonic weld inspection Garri S. Passi, Yossi Shoef, Marina V. Kritsky Abstract Being under influence of human factors the low cost manual ultrasonic testing of welded joints can't compete with the expensive and hazardous X-ray or isotope inspection in many cases, despite the advantage of having highest sensitivity. Inspection results are essentially dependent on the operator's actual performance of the testing in the field, his observation of the indications, and his own on the spot interpretation. Oscilloscopic indications A-scan images of the flaw echoes are non obvious for welding personnel and for users of the products with welded joints. Due to these deficiencies and despite the advantage of having the highest sensitivity, the low cost ultrasonic testing can't compete with the expensive and hazardous X-ray or isotope inspection in many cases. The presented paper contains some new concepts of exploration factors of human unreliability in manual ultrasonic testing and reducing their influence on the inspection results.


Krautkramer USK-7



Krautkramer usk 7 manual pdf


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