Quick Links. See also: Quick Reference Manual. Table of Contents. All information in the Owner's Manual is current at the time of publication.

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Quick Links. See also: Quick Reference Manual. Table of Contents. All information in the Owner's Manual is current at the time of publication.

Hyundai reserves the right to make. This manual applies to all Hyundai models and includes descriptions and explanations of optional as. As a result, you may find material in this manual that does not apply to your.

The explanations and illustrations for. Chapters Table Of Contents 7 1. Features Of Your Hyundai 13 2. Driving Your Hyundai 3. Vehicle Maintenance Requirements 6. Do-it-yourself Maintenance Hyundai reserves the right to make changes at any time as part of our policy of continual product improvement may be carried out.

This manual applies to all Hyundai models and includes descriptions and explanations of optional as well as standard equipment. Page 2 Hyundai we build is something of which we're very proud. Your Owner's Manual will introduce you to the features and operation of your new Hyundai. It is suggested that you read it carefully since the information it contains can contribute greatly to the satisfaction you receive from your new car.

As the owner, it is your responsibility to see that all maintenance operations specified by the manufacturer are carried out at the appropriate intervals. When the vehicle is used in severe driving conditions, more frequent maintenance is required for some operations. Modifications may adversely affect the safety, durability and performance of your Hyundai. Components which are subjected to modification or are added to the vehicle resulting in consequential damage are not covered by the vehicle manufacturer's warranty.

These titles indicate the following: WARNING: This indicates that a condition may result in harm, serious injury or death to you or other persons if the warning is not heeded. Follow the advice provided with the warning. Warranty or any other Hyundai war- 1. What are Hyundai Genuine Parts? Hood Release Lever 1.

Headlight Leveling Switch If installed Fuse Box 2. Front Fog Light Switch If installed Audio Remote Control Switch If installed 3. Multi-Function Light Switch 4. Instrument Cluster Glove Box Parking Brake Lever 2. Passenger's Airbag If installed Shift Lever If installed 3. Audio System If installed Front Drink Holder 4.

Hazard Warning Light Ashtray 5. Digital Clock Page Features Of Your Hyundai 1. Summer type vehicle. If leaded gasoline is used, it diesel fuel. Page 15 Operation in Foreign Countries mph. Page Breaking In Your New Hyundai For greater convenience, the same key o For the first km miles , try operates all the locks in your Hyundai. If you need additional keys, or if you to avoid hard stops. However, because the doors can be Page 17 In addition, key numbers can- your new vehicle.

Page 18 10 you have to consult with your autho- HNF times. In case the immobilizer warning indica- 3. You may set the remaining number Before you drive away es- pecially if there are children in When protector" rear door lock assembly.

If Installed toward the front or rear of the vehicle. If the transmitter does and the system is armed. Close all doors. In- restraint systems should occupy the The use of a seat belt is recommended To reduce the chance of injuries in the This could cause serious internal Page 35 To adjust the height of the seat belt damage is visible.

Additional ques- anchor, lower or raise the height ad- tions concerning seat belt operation juster into an appropriate position. To should be directed to your Hyundai raise the height adjuster, pull it up. To Dealer. If any metal tab or buckle is not locked, it will in- crease the chance of injury in the event of collision.

Page 43 ECE- to secure the seat. Page 44 To secure the child restraint seat This seat has been tested extensively the cushion and backrest, are located a by Hyundai and is recommended for pair of ISOFIX anchorage points to- your Hyundai. However, in certain frontal driver's and front passenger's pre- collisions, the pre-tensioner will acti- tensioner seat belts.

Your Hyundai is equipped with a Supple- supplemental to, the driver's and mental Restraint Airbag System. Following is a number of safety points airbag in each front seat. The purpose Page 55 Hyundai dealer in 10 years being injured by the deploying inflates.

Page 56 If the airbags inflate, they must be cautions and procedures could protected by an airbag in front of replaced by an authorized Hyundai increase the risk of personal in- dealer. Tail Gate Open Warning Light Door Ajar Warning Light 2. Immobilizer Warning Indicator Light If installed Tachometer If installed 4.

Turn Signal Indicator Light Engine Coolant Temperature Indicator Light 2. Tachometer Door Ajar Warning Light 4. Page 63 Your and have your vehicle checked by "ON" position, this indicates that there dealer should be consulted for repairs. If this occurs, have your vehicle Page 64 Hyundai dealer for inspec- insufficient oil pressure. In normal brake electrical system or brake tion. If further trouble is experienced, Page 65 "ON" position, take your car to check the tension of the belt.

Trip odometer 1. Outside temperature o This mode indicates the estimated 3. Average Consumption distance to empty from the current fuel in the fuel tank and distance to empty symbol. The daytime run- switch. The first position turns on the ning lights are used to improve visibil- parking lights, sidelights, tail lights and ity for oncoming traffic.

Page 78 When this is done: If it is necessary to replace the ciga- Pressing "R" between 10 : 30 and 11 : rette lighter, use only a genuine Hyundai 29 changes the readout to 11 : Using when the engine The sunroof is moved to its fully open position by pushing the ally adjust to let in light with the sunroof "Open" Move the selecting switch to the If the mirror control is jammed with right or left to activate the adjustable This also turns on In addition to the lower-mounted rear night inside rearview mirror.

The "night" the parking brake indicator light when Lower the hood until it is about 30 cm 1 ft.


2007 Hyundai Getz - Owner's Manual (463 pages)

Car Manuals. Learn more. Download manual Hyundai Getz Manual Description The use of a cushion that holds the body away from the seatback is not recommended. To forward and the seat will automatically lower it, push it down whilst pressing slide forward. To fold down the seatback , push be careful not to get your fingers and hold the seatback folding lever or legs caught in the mechanism.


2004 Hyundai Getz - Owner's Manual (445 pages)


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