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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Marine Radar Furuno Operator's Manual pages. Printed in Japan Pub. To see if your product has a battery ies , see the chapter on Maintenance. Follow the instructions below if a battery ies is used. Features Your radar has a large variety of functions, all contained in a remarkably small cabinet. Radiator: 2. Radiator length: 3. Horizontal beamwidth: 4.

Vertical beamwidth: 5. Sidelobe: Within 20 of mainlobe; less than dB Outside 20 of mainlobe; less than dB 6. Polarization: 7. Antenna rotation speed: 24 rpm 8. Page 9 0. Range scale nm : Range, Range interval and no.

Page Principle Of Operation 1. Although the basic principles of radar were developed dur- ing World War II, echoes as an aid to naviga- tion is not a new development. Page Basic Operation 2. Long press: Terminates plotting of the target selected with the cursor. Control: Adjusts sensitivity. Switch: Temporarily erases heading line and north mark if displayed. Page Display Indications And Markers 2. The control panel lights and a timer displays the time remaining for warm up of the magne- tron the device which produces radar pulses , counting down from to Page Selecting The Range Note 1: Availability of a particular display item depends on incoming data.

Note 2: When Range to Waypoint reaches 0. Note 3: When cross track error exceeds 1 nm on either side, the XTE mark starts blinking. If the control is set too low, targets will be hid- den in the clutter, while if it is set too high, both sea clutter and targets will disappear from the display. Page Measuring The Bearing 2. By cursor Operate the omnipad to bisect the target with the cursor intersection.

The bearing to the tar- get appears at the bottom of the display. EBL1 Page Zoom 2. Select location with the cursor. Page Menu Operation 3. To open or close the menu, press the [MENU] key. You can select items on the menu with the omnipad. The complete menu appears on page AP Page Suppressing Radar Interference Continuous trail The maximum continuous trail time is 99 min- utes and 59 seconds. When the elapsed time clock counts up to that time the elapsed time display is reset to zero and trail begins again.

Page Selecting Pulsewidth 3. Select level desired by operating the omnipad. Press the [MENU] key to close the menu. IR and level selected appears at the bottom right corner on the display when the interfer- ence rejection circuit is turned on. Page Watchman Asterisk blinking Guard zone to set Drag cursor here. Figure How to set the guard zone Silencing the audible alarm Any radar targets violating the guard zone will trigger the audible alarm.

Page Other Menu Description 3. Panel Dimmer Select level of panel backlight. HD Mark Select brilliance of heading mark. Page Function Keys 3. The function can be turned off by pressing appropriate function key again. Page Fals Echoes 4. In some cases the effects can be reduced or eliminated. The operator should familiarize himself or her- self with the appearance and effects of these false echoes, so as not to confuse them with echoes from legitimate contacts.

Antenna etc. Before reviewing this chapter please read the safety information which follows. Hazardous voltages can shock, burn or cause death. Page Troubleshooting 5. If you cannot restore normal operation, do not attempt to check inside any unit of the radar system.

Any repair work is best left to a qualified technician. Table Life expectancy of magnetrons Model Type Code no. Page Installation 1. Page 40 Radome cover Figure Antenna unit Mounting platform Holes for antenna unit: The mounting surface must be parallel with the waterline and provided with five holes whose dimensions are shown in the outline drawing attached at the end of this manual.

The unit is adjusted so a target echo returned from the bow direction will be shown on the zero degree heading line position on the Page 41 6. Remove the cable clamping plate by un-fastening four screws and removing a gasket. Screws Shield cover Screws 7 pcs. Shield cover Screws 7 pcs. Screws 6 pcs. Shield cover Figure Antenna unit, inside view 7. Pass the cable through the hole at the bottom of the radome base.

Page 42 2. Detach the antenna housing cover from the antenna housing by loosening four fixing bolts. The antenna housing cover fitted with the transceiver module can be stored in a convenient place until the wiring to the an- tenna unit is done.

Page 43 Apply grease to the O-ring and set it to the center of the radiator bracket. Coat the ra- diator fixing bolts with silicone sealant. Groove Waveguide Page Display Unit Installation Code no. Type Code no. Nav Talker 2. Temp Unit Magnet 4. Hdg Sensor 5. Key Beep Rotate 6. Page Adjusting Sweep Timing 5. As a final test, move the boat towards a small buoy and confirm that the buoy shows up dead ahead on the radar when it is visually dead ahead.

Adjusting sweep timing Adjustment range Page Magnetron Heater Voltage Setting a blanking area When the antenna is installed at a close dis- tance in front of the wheelhouse, the radar should be set not to transmit within that area. No echoes appear in the blanking areas. Select "7. Dead Sector". Page 50 This page is intentionally left blank. Page Menu Tree 3. Vector ref 4. Vector Length 5. History 6. Authorities require this. Keep magnets and magnetic fields away from the equipment. Magnetic fields will distort the picture and can cause equipment malfunction.


Furuno 1832 Radar



Furuno radar 1832


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