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He has over refereed research publications, and has supervised 22 PhD students and over MS students. Ramez Elmasri Login to Mentis. Research Interests Research Interests. Teaching Interests Teaching Interests. Biography Biography. Education Education.

Appointments Appointments. Conducted research on incorporating databases into distributed real-time systems. Consulted on DDTS Consulted on development of tools for schema integration in multi-database systems. Teaching assistant and instructor for various course.

Awards and Honors. News Articles News Articles. Nov WebOntEx. Sept Overview of Bioinformatics. Sept Pervasive Computing. Sept Standards for Database Interoperability and Portability. Aug Temporal Databases. Oct Object-Oriented Databases. May Recent Advances in Temporal Databases. Sistemi di basi di dati. Complementi [Elmasri, RamezA]. Information modeling for Internet applications [van Bommel, Patrick]. Advanced database systems [Adam, NabilR. Ontology extraction and conceptual modeling for web information Information modeling for Internet applications [Han, Hyoil, Elmasri, RamezA].

The consensus glossary of temporal database concepts—february version [Jensen, ChristianS. Part C, Applications and Reviews. Journal of Digital Information Management. Knowledge and Information Systems. Information Systems.

Journal of Database Management. Journal of Computing Science and Engineering. International Journal of Bioinformatics Research and Applications. Journal of Intelligent Information Systems. Database System Concepts. Maintaining knowledge about temporal intervals.

A consensus glossary of temporal database concepts [Jensen, ChristianS. Fundamentals of database systems [Ramez, Elmasri, Navathe, Shamkant]. A temporal query language based on conceptual entities and roles [Elmasri, RamezA, Kouramajian, Vram].

Fundamentals of Database Systems. Efficient evaluation of the valid-time natural join. A theory of attributed equivalence in databases with application to schema integration [Larson, JamesA. Challenges of comparing and matching roads from different spatial datasets [Almotairi, Mousa, Alsahfi, Tariq, Elmasri, Ramez]. Formalization of Network-constrained moving object queries with application to Benchmarking [Fouladgar, Mohammadhani, Elmasri, RamezA].

A classification and modeling of the quality of contextual information in smart spaces Pervasive Computing and Communications, PerCom A dynamic evidential network for multisensor context reasoning in home-based care Systems, Man and Cybernetics, SMC Bioso: Bioinformatic service ontology for dynamic biomedical web services integration Proc.

Energy balanced in-network aggregation using multiple trees in wireless sensor networks Consumer Communications and Networking Conference, CCNC Mediated taxonomy system for bioinformatics data integration Bioinformatics and Biomedicine Workshops, BIBMW Multi-level conceptual modeling for biomedical data and ontologies integration Computer-Based Medical Systems, Robust in-network data processing for target tracking in WSNs. SWOD Extending eer modeling concepts for biological data Computer-Based Medical Systems, CBMS Architectures for streaming data processing in sensor networks Computer Systems and Applications, Balancing loads in mobile ad hoc networks Telecommunications, ICT Optimizing clustering algorithm in mobile ad hoc networks using simulated annealing Wireless Communications and Networking, WCNC Optimizing clustering algorithm in mobile ad hoc networks using genetic algorithmic approach Global Telecommunications Conference, Using Smodels declarative logic programming to verify correctness of certain active rules Data Engineering, A temporal algebra for an ER-based temporal data model Data Engineering, Utilizing object-oriented databases for concurrency control in virtual environments Computer Software and Applications Conference, Integrating relational databases with support for updates Proceedings of the first international symposium on Databases in parallel and distributed systems [Gamal-Eldin, M.

Senddata: an agent for data processing systems using email Performance, Computing, and Communications Conference, Study and comparison of schema versioning and database conversion techniques for bi-temporal databases Temporal Representation and Reasoning, A temporal object query language Temporal Representation and Reasoning, Efficient temporal join processing using time index Scientific and Statistical Database Systems, Representing retroactive and proactive versions in bi-temporal databases 2tdb Data Engineering, A resilient application-level failure detection system for distributed computing environments Computers and Communications, Archiving Techniques for Temporal Databases.

As [Mills, JohnJ. Declustering techniques for parallelizing temporal access structures Data Engineering, Temporal database modeling: an object-oriented approach Proceedings of the second international conference on Information and knowledge management [Elmasri, RamezA, Kouramajian, Vram, Fernando, Shian]. Partitioning of time index for optical disks Data Engineering, Efficient implementation techniques for the time index Data Engineering, A temporal model and query language for ER databases Data Engineering, Local and global constraints in database integration System Sciences, Graphical query languages for semantic database models Proc.

The Structural Model for Database Design. Students Supervised. Present Prajwal Gautam,. Present Mary Koone,. Present Pardnya Gaikwad,. Present Mohammad Aldaboubi,. Present Yashodhan Kumthekar,. Present Mohammad Rezaei,. Fall - Regular Academic Session - Summer - Five Week - Second - Summer - Fourteen Week - Spring - Regular Academic Session - Spring - Five Week - Second - Summer - Eleven Week - Summer - Five Week - First - Service to the University.

Budget Liaison Committee of Faculty Senate Advise dean, provost, and president of faculty budget priorities.


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