Does the Wraithlord get cover saves? Yes, but the cover in question needs to be at least half the height of the. Are krak grenades or meltabombs usable on Wraithlords? No, they are only useful against vehicles and immobilized Dreadnoughts. Does the Guide psychic power affect vehicles? What is the cost of a Warlock on a jetbike?

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If you are already a member then feel free to login now. Chapter Traits for non-Codex chapters don't apply to vehicles. Unfortunate they didn't slip in a few points changes, but I know CA20 will address that. No updates to points values. So cheaper thunder hammers and repulsors, but more expenses tacticals etc. I'm disappointed the chaplain rites didn't get updated. One thing that was nice to see, though, was that they explicitly patched Angels of Death onto FW units.

Gamgee on Tau Players wrote: we all kill cats and sell our own families to the devil and eat live puppies. West Virginia.

Emissary wrote: No updates to points values. Mud Turkey 13 wrote: Emissary wrote: No updates to points values. If we fail to anticipate the unforeseen or expect the unexpected in a universe of infinite possibilities, we may find ourselves at the mercy of anyone or anything that cannot be programmed, categorized or easily referenced.

Sioux Falls, SD. Dysartes wrote: One thing that was nice to see, though, was that they explicitly patched Angels of Death onto FW units. My Salamanders want their Infernus Cannon range increased! Burn the Xenos! CaptainStabby wrote: If Tyberos falls and needs to catch himself it's because the ground needed killing. Man, just thinking about it gets me Khorney. The Webway - An Eldar Tactica, as well as a work-in-progress. Welcome to the land of the screwed over. Yeah, CSM really got hammered, imo.

Opinions are not facts please don't confuse the two. Xenomancers wrote: Well - there is one advantage to this setup. Your vigilis stratagems did not get hikes. So that is 1 thing going for Chaos. You will have to wait till the next big rules update until CSM squads go down to 12 points It is pretty disappointing.

I just don't get how a company with so many resources can be so poor about this. Expected, but still disappointed. GW still have gak rules and zero logic. Martel wrote: Yeah, CSM really got hammered, imo.

Trick Question, of course it's the loyalists! Dakka 5. Member List. Recent Topics. Top Rated Topics. Forum Tools Forum Tools Search. Subject: Advert. Slipspace Longtime Dakkanaut. Elbows Powerful Phoenix Lord. Emissary Been Around the Block. Dysartes Longtime Dakkanaut. The lack of points updates seemed strange to me since I figured the Thunder Hammer point increase was mainly for Blood Angels' Smash Captains.

Definitely strange. They've added the new units with their points values, so it seems like an odd decision not to include a list of errata'd points for the stuff that's changed in the SM Codex. Now we have different types of SM with very different rules and even higher points values for strictly worse units. BA Tacticals are more expensive and strictly worse than Codex SM ones for no real reason other than apparent laziness. Of course, this is what happens when you have no consistent design philosophy for your game - yet again GW seem to have fallen prey to their old habits of "I have a great idea" game design.

Xenomancers Ultramarine Chaplain with Hate to Spare. Totally expected. Make point change to specifically target a unit and then forget to target that unit.

Par for the course. Kind of like nerfing fly game wide to target the same unit and then unnerfing it Seriosuly - just raise the cost of BA captain if that is what you want to do. Even better - fix stratagems where only can be used per turn. Just not onto Index units that they still produce models for. Fair point - have you brought that to their attention? Yes, I posted a message on Facebook to them. I also addressed the fact they messed up all the Chapter Masters in the update and didn't give them the correct aura ability.

Slayer-Fan Decrepit Dakkanaut. Which is all I cared about to be honest. Niiru Longtime Dakkanaut UK. Greg I use that predator in my chaos list.

Except that one is called "Infernal Flamestorm Cannon". How much do you want to be chaos won't be getting an update for it. GW could at least by me dinner first. Or throw on some lube. TwinPoleTheory Morphing Obliterator. Martel Locked in the Tower of Amareo. It's not as bad as 6th ed. It's what i expected. CSM are just back in their days of being 2 years behind everyone else though. BrianDavion Legendary Master of the Chapter.

Well - there is one advantage to this setup. Some of them already cost more CP than they are actually worth. Yeah, I think it's just time to put everything on ice for awhile. GW got me again, I thought maybe they were going to do things the right way, my bad. I mean that doesn't really change anything, unless the detachment cost dropped to zero but field commander was still 1CP.

That would be good, as you'd get the extra warlord trait for 1CP instead of 2CP. Is that what space marines got? Cos that's a huge buff, and something CSM needs. Special detachments for CSM are too expensive to bother with at the moment. Silver Steadfast Grey Hunter. Quasistellar Dakka Veteran. Or chapter approved which is not that far off and where points changes usually are made outside codexes.

Nope the vigilous detachments are in a wierd limbo land of calling out units from a codex that has been replaced, some will argue that they are still playable some will argue they arn't. For example indominus veterans got a nerf where it costs 2 CP for a 10 man squad. I was using it to make 4 10 man units vets though. Before it cost 5 CP to do that - now it costs 8. Plus the stratagems cost more. It really is a big nerf.


Warhammer 40k - Codex - Errata - Eldar Q&A v2.0

We like almost every change that was made, and were clamoring for many of them months ago. Credit: John Q. The immediate impact is that Ynnari lists as we know them are pretty much dead, and the place where once they stood burnt to the ground. But beyond these rule changes, there are likely to be a lot of long-reaching effects that this will have on the meta and the way people play games.





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