The critical level of the water reservoirs of the Brazilian hydroelectric power plants represents a breach of the first condition of sustainability. The algebraic sum of the volumes of affluence and diffluence shows an unfavorable result of m 3 of water per second to the national system. The measurement was performed by defining the boundaries of the system of each company with the sources of energy and materials that feed it. A system energy diagram was constructed and the flows were summarized in an aggregate diagram of the energy flows. The calculation of accounting indicators in eMergy EYR, ELR, and SI and the ternary diagram in eMergy and their sustainability lines indicated the companies' positions in relation to environmental sustainability indicators.

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Applications of the emergetic ternary diagram for eco-efficient decision making. Biagio F. Barrella; Silvia H. Villas Boas de Almeida. Emergetic ternary diagrams and emergy accounting are used as support tools for decision making.

The graphical representation of emergy analysis permits to compare systems, products and services taking into account the environmental support, to evaluate improvements and to follow systems performance with time. The graphic tool is versatile and can ce applied to represent the performance of products, processes and even countries, within a given period or along the time. To illustrate the use of emergetic ternary diagrams to support decision making, examples taken from the literature were employed.

It is shown that the diagram properties help evaluating systems efficiency, their dependence on renewable and non renewable resouces and on environmental services to absorb pollutants. With the aid of emergetic ternary diagrams, the interactions between systems and between these systems and the environment can be readly verified and evaluated. Key words: Emergy, decision making, graphic tool, sustainability indices, ternary diagrams.

Bastianoni considera a emergia e a exergia como aspectos complementares de um sistema. Tonon et al. Giannantoni et al. A Tabela 3 apresenta os indicadores calculados com os valores da Tabela 4. O ponto de simergia mostrado na figura 4b foi obtido admitindo-se que os processos 2, 6 e 10 produzem quantidades iguais.

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Sobre os autores Biagio F. Silvia H. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Services on Demand Journal. How to cite this article.


Howard T. Odum

Applications of the emergetic ternary diagram for eco-efficient decision making. Biagio F. Barrella; Silvia H. Villas Boas de Almeida. Emergetic ternary diagrams and emergy accounting are used as support tools for decision making.


Odum fue el tercer hijo de Howard W. Era el hermano menor de Eugene Odum. Odum en En , Howard obtuvo su Ph. Evelyn Hutchinson. Este fue uno de los primeros proyectos en explorar el enfoque ampliamente difundido de utilizar los humedales como ecosistemas de mejora de la calidad del agua. Las contribuciones de Odum a este campo han sido reconocidas por la Sociedad de Marte.





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