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Quick Links. Download this manual. Table of Contents. Wireless lan mobility controller optimizations for microsoft lync 10 pages. Powerconnect series stackable layer 2 and 3 switches pages. Powerconnect b-series fcx; powerconnect b-series fcxs pages. Switch Dell Networking Release Note 5. Page 2 Other trademarks and trade names may be used in this document to refer to either the entities claiming the marks and names or their products.

Dell Inc. Page Page 7 Managing Logs Defining Global Log Parameters The Unit ID is not erased and remains valid if the unit is reconnected to a stack. Each stack member does not have a separate configuration file. The stack configuration is stored in stack master after the stack order is changed, and the stack is reset. In addition, this section contains installation precautions, and a description of the connectors and cables. Page 22 The Mode Button toggles between port activity and port duplex settings.

Page Ports Description Only one of the two physical connections of a combo port may be used at any one time. Console Port Description The console port interface supports synchronous data of eight data bits, one stop bit, and no parity. As shown in the front panel illustrations at the start of this section, the stacking LEDs are numbered 1 through 6. Each unit in the stack has one stacking LED lit, indicating its position in the stack. When stacking LED 1 is lit, the unit is the master unit.

Before installing the unit, verify that the location chosen for installation meets the site requirements described below. Page Unpacking And Installation Rack mount kits for rack installation. The surface must be able to support the weight of the device and the device cables. Each PowerConnect contains a single Master unit, while the remaining units are considered stacking members.

All management is done through the Master unit. Both port and port devices can be included in the stack. Switching ports can connect to stations wired in standard RJ45 Ethernet station mode using straight cables. Transmission devices use crossed cables to connect to each other.

A PC running terminal emulation software can also be used. The serial cable is a female-to-female DB-9 crossover cable. A supplied interface cable is required to connect the device. Connect the interface crossed cable to the device serial connection. Page General Configuration Information This option is described later in this section. Auto-Negotiation Auto-negotiation allows a device to advertise modes of operation and share information with another device that shares a point-to-point link segment.

NOTE: The configuration process defines only one port. I-Cache 16 KB, linesize D-Cache 16 KB, linesize Cache Enabled. The service will start automatically when a host key is generated. After entering the configuration command, it is recommended to check if a port was configured with the IP address by entering the "show ip interface" Page 50 Gateway IP Address IP Address The configured gateway IP address must belong to the same subnet as one of the device IP interfaces.

The prompt is displayed as. Security Management and Password Configuration System security is handled through the AAA Authentication, Authorization and Accounting mechanism that manages user access rights, privileges and management NOTE: When creating a user name, the default priority is "1", which allows access but not configuration rights.

Page 61 NOTE: is the default baud rate for new device. If using baud rate does not result in viewing the device terminal, try another baud rate setting the device may be set at a different baud rate. Page 62 Booting Device Default Settings To return to device default settings use delete startup-config command at the privileged mode prompt , and reboot the device. Page 67 telnet, Web Server etc. In this example the username and password is "Dell". Page Start Running The Management Station console config line telnet console config-line login authentication default console config-line enable authentication default console config-line password admin console config-line exit console config aaa authentication login default line console config aaa authentication enable default line console config line ssh console config-line login authentication default console config-line enable authentication default console config-line password admin console config-line exit console config ip http authentication local console config username admin password admin Page 71 Enter the command Telnet and the device IP address.

Microsoft Windows [Version 5. Page 74 When the authentication window is displayed, enter the Username and password: P a s s w o r d P r o m p t The device Web Management Interface is displayed.

Each stack has one Master unit, and up to five Member units. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for all stacking members. Expanding the Stack This section contains instructions for adding stacking members. NOTE: The device times out after 35 seconds if no selection is made.

The time out periods can be reset using the CLI. Type 1. The following message is displayed. Flash file name 8 characters, Enter for none. The configuration is erased and the switch config reboots. The IP parameter configuration for a first-time configuration is described in Device Configuration Introduction.

Running Diagnostics Contact Dell technical support before using this option. Enter console show version on each unit.

The following is an example of the information which displays: Unit SW version The following is an example of the information that displays Unit 2: Erased image-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Page 83 Ensure that an IP address is assigned to at least one port on the Master unit. The following is an example of the information that displays: Unit SW version 1.

Devices supporting SNMP run local software agent. The SNMP agents maintain a list of variables, which are used to manage the device. The MIB presents the variables controlled by the agent. To switch off all equipment, the power supply cable is removed from the power supply socket. The power supply socket should be located near the equipment and should be easily accessible.

Passwords are both case sensitive and alpha-numeric. Page 91 Indicates that the port is disconnected. LED status can only be established by viewing the actual device. For more information about LED definitions, see Opens the About page. Page 94 Click Help. The Online Help page opens. Select a Help topic. The selected Help topic page opens. The About page contain the device name, the software release number, and Dell copyright information.

To access the About page The Switch Administrator contains the following management buttons: D e v i c e M a n a g e m e n t B u t t o n s Adds ACLs. Adds new lists. Attaches assorted lists to interfaces. Resets statistic counters. Sorts table information. Displays the Neighbors List from the Neighbors Table page.

Restores the device default settings. Creates Statistics charts on-the-fly.


Dell PowerConnect 3324 User Manual



Dell PowerConnect 3348 - switch - 48 ports - managed Specs


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