Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Service Manual. Table of Contents. We distinguish ourselves from our competition through market- leading, dependable products that have stood the test of time. Page 3 Manufacturer assumes no liability for its use.

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Quick Links. Download this manual See also: Service Manual. Table of Contents. We distinguish ourselves from our competition through market- leading, dependable products that have stood the test of time. Page 3 Manufacturer assumes no liability for its use. Throughout this manual, notes, cautions, and warnings Keep your head out of the welding fume plume. Plasma Arc Rays can injure your eyes and burn your skin. Page 9 6. AWS Standard A6. Page Declaration Of Conformity Rigorous testing is incorporated into the manufacturing process to ensure the manufactured product meets or exceeds all design specifications.

Thermal Dynamics has been manufacturing products for more than 30 years, and will continue to achieve excellence in our area of manufacture. Page Statement Of Warranty Thermal Dynamics Corporation will honor warranty claims submitted within the warranty periods listed below.

All warranty periods begin on the date of sale of the product to the original retail customer or 1 year after sale to an authorized Thermal Dynamics Distributor.

Page Introduction This manual contains descriptions, operating instructions and basic maintenance procedures for the Thermal Dy- namics CutMaster 81 Plasma Cutting Power Supply only.

Servicing of this equipment is restricted to properly trained personnel; unqualified personnel are strictly cautioned against attempting repairs or adjustments not cov- ered in this manual, at the risk of voiding the Warranty. Page Input Wiring Specifications 24" 0. Page Power Supply Features 2. Filters moisture and particulate matter from the air stream to at least 0.

Use the packing lists to identify and account for each item. Inspect each item for possible shipping damage. Page Primary Input Power Connections 3. The primary power source, fuse, and any extension cords used must conform to local electrical code and the recommended circuit protection and wiring requirements as specified in Section 2. Page 19 C. Remove the Power Supply cover per section 5. Page Gas Connections 3.

Connecting Air Supply to Unit Use only compressed air with this power supply. The connection is the same for compressed air from a compressor from high pressure cylinders. Refer to subsection 3. Page 21 B. Installing Optional Single - Stage Air Filter An optional filter kit is recommended for improved filtering with compressed air, to keep moisture and debris out of the torch.

Page 22 C. Installing Optional Two - Stage Air Filter Kit This optional two - stage air line filter is also for use on compressed air shop systems. Filter removes moisture and contaminants to at least 5 microns. Connect the air supply as follows: a. Page 23 D. Examine the cylinder valves to be sure they are clean and free of oil, grease or any foreign material.

Briefly open each cylinder valve to blow out any dust which may be present. Page Torch Connections 3. Page 25 B. Check Air Quality To test the quality of air: 1. Place a welding filter lens in front of the torch and turn on the air. Any oil or moisture in the air will be visible on the lens. Output settings up Steady light indicates power supply is ready to 40 Amps may be used for drag cutting with the for operation.

Refer to the Torch Manual. Torch Connection Check that the torch is properly connected. Check Primary Input Power Source 1. Page 29 F. AC indicator turns on. Gas indicator turns on if there is sufficient gas pressure for power supply operation.

NOTE Minimum pressure for power supply operation is lower than minimum for torch operation. Page 30 Art A 2. Adjust gas pressure per the gas settings chart.

Page 31 H. Select Current Output Level 1. Gas flow stops. Set the current output level, up to 40 amps for drag cutting with the torch tip in contact with the workpiece , or up to 60 amps for standoff cutting. Page 32 K. Postflow Release the trigger to stop the cutting arc. Gas continues to flow for approximately 6 seconds. During post - flow, if the user moves the trigger release to the rear and presses the trigger, the pilot arc starts.

The main arc transfers to the workpiece if the torch tip is within transfer distance to the workpiece. O-Ring Lubrication An o-ring on the Torch ATC Male Connector requires lubrication on on a regular basis, depending on how fre- quently the torch is disconnected and re-connected. This will allow the o-ring to remain pliable and provide a proper seal. Page 34 B. Remove power from the power supply; turn off the gas supply and bleed down the system. Page 35 C. The Power Supply shuts down automatically when the Filter Element becomes completely saturated.

The Filter Element can be removed from its housing, dried, and reused. Allow 24 hours for Element to dry. Refer to Section 6, Parts List, for replacement filter element catalog number. Page 36 D. When the Filter Elements become dirty the Power Supply will continue to operate but cut quality may become unacceptable.

Page Common Faults Cutting speed too slow b. Torch standoff too high from workpiece c. Worn torch parts d. Improper cutting current e. Non - Genuine Thermal Dynamics parts used Incorrect gas pressure 4. Short Torch Parts Life a. Oil or moisture in air source b. Page Basic Troubleshooting Guide 5. Do not attempt to diagnose or repair unless you have had training in power electronics measurement and troubleshooting techniques.

Basic Troubleshooting: Overview This guide covers basic troubleshooting. Page 39 6. Unit internal fuse blown or loose a. If blown, double-check input voltage and replace fuse per Section 5. If fuse blows again, return unit to an authorized service center. Actual input voltage does not correspond to voltage of unit a. Page 40 G. Starter cartridge missing from torch a. Shut off power supply. Remove shield cup, install starter cartridge.

Reinstall torch tip and shield cup. Page 41 I. System is in protective interlock mode. Release torch trigger. Torch parts are missing or loose. Page 42 6. Excessive oil or moisture in torch a. If there are contami- nants in the gas, additional filtering may be needed.


Cutmaster 81 Plasma Cutting Systems - 1-1120-1

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Thermal Dynamics CUTMASTER 81 Operating Manual

No category. While the information contained in this Manual represents the Manufacturer's best judgement, the Manufacturer assumes no liability for its use. Reproduction of this work, in whole or in part, without written permission of the publisher is prohibited. The publisher does not assume and hereby disclaims any liability to any party for any loss or damage caused by any error or omission in this Manual, whether such error results from negligence, accident, or any other cause. Important Safety Precautions Note, Attention et Avertissement Precautions De Securite Importantes




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