Answer: Changed data tag. The attribute of the script field field change is bit by bit. Receives an input function. Setting MDT to ensure field spread. An output is going on in motion.

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Visit IBM-CICS jobs interview questions and answers page to get to know of the interview model and feel comfortable to attend the interview. Question 1. It is a interval control command. XCTL is used to pass control to a program within the same task. It is a program control command. Question 2. Question 3. Question 4. Question 5. Question 6. Question 7. What Is An Aica Abend? Question 8. Question 9. Question What Is Exec Cics Retrieve? What Is An Aey9 Abend?

What Is An Asra Abend? What Is Enq, Deq? Answer : Task control commands to make resources serially reusable. What Is Its Length? What Is Mdt? What Are Fset, Frset?

Answer : MDT: Bit in the attribute byte indicating modification of field on screen. Happens on an input operation. Until this happens, field continues to be sent.

What Is The Attribute Byte? Most cases is an output field from the program. Answer : The physical map is the load module and the symbolic map is the data structure.

How To Build Up Lu 6. Answer : Pseudo-conversational transactions are almost always the preferred method. In these mode CICS releases resources between responses to user input, i. Answer : Package and plan are usually used synonymously, as in this site. Both contain optimized code for SQL statements - a package for a single program, module or subroutine contained in the database request module DBRM library. A plan may contain multiple packages and pointers to package that could be referenced in two different plans.

It creates a transaction dump and invokes the dynamic transaction backout. Answer : The LOAD command retrieves an object program from disk and loads it into main storage - it's primarily used for a constant table that will be available system-wide. Answer : You can't at least not directly. Options, none of them good, inlude: I. Answer : Neither command is exclusively a transient data command.

The ENQ command reserves any user defined resource for the specific task. For enqueued transient data no other task will be able to write records to it for as long as it is enqueued. DEQ removes the lock. This technique may be used to build CICS reports. Answer : CEBR lets you browse the contents of a specific temporary storage queue.

It is a rudimentary CICS command debugger which does not require coding an entire program. Since release 1. Answer : A cursor is a pointer that identifies one row in a SQL results table as the current row. What Is The Massinsert Option? Answer : Journal Recovery is recovery of changes made to a file during online processing. Dynamic transaction backout is the removal of partial changes made by a failed transaction. Answer : They are defined in the destination control table DCT.

Answer : They are intrapartition, which can only be accessed from with CICS and extrapartition, which are typically used to collect data online, but process it in a batch environment. What Is Transient Data? Answer : Transient data provides CICS program with a simple method for sequential processing, often used to produce output for printers. What Is Temporary Storage? Answer : Temporary storage is either main or auiliary storage that allows the program to save data between task invocations.

Answer : EIBAID is a key field in the execute interface block; it indicates which attention key the user presse to initiate the task. Answer : To fetch a program, table or map to the main storage. Cics Command Level Is? Answer : In case of call, whenever you do changes to the called program you need to compile the calling program also.

In case of link, it is not needed. Answer : Both are used to save data among tasks. TSQ if created with auxiliary option resides in aux memory and available even if main memory crashes 4. What Is Communication Area? Answer : Communication Area is used to pass data between the program or between the task. A security violation has occurred. The operator is not defined with the proper authority in the SNT Sign on Table to use a particular file. A program interrupt 0C0 or 0C2 ot Answer : U-for unconditional breakpoint, C-for conditional breakpoint, and A-for automatic breakpoint.

What Are They? Answer : There are six ways in initiating a transaction they are as follows. Making use of PLT program list table 6. By associating four character transid in PCT program control table. Answer : Intrapartition TDQ is read destructive.

The Error Code Aeiv? Answer : This is the error code for length, if length of the source data is more than the receiving field, This error will occur. What Is Asraabend In Cics? Answer : It occurs when program interruption takes place. Difference Between Tsq And Tdq? TSQ is temporary in nature i.

Give Reasons? What Does Eib Mean? Answer : Max. Answer : The XCTL command passes control to another program, but the resources requested by the first program may still be allocated. The disadvantage of LINK is that it requires that both the calling program and the called program remain in main memory even though both are no longer needed.

Each transaction ID is paired with the name of the program, CICS will load and execute when the transaction is invoked. On the other hand, PPT indicates each program's location which pertains to a storage address if the program has already been loaded or a disk location if the program hasn't been loaded.

PPT will also be used to detemine whether it will load a new copy of the program when the transaction is invoked. What Is Quasi-reentrancy? Answer : There are times when many users are concurrently using the same program, this is what we call MultiThreading, For example, 50 users are using program A, CICS will provide 50 Working storage for that program but one Procedure Division.

And this technique is known as quasi-reentrancy. Answer : The physical mapset is a load module used to map the data to the screen at execution time. The symbolic map is the actual copybook member used in the program to reference the input and output fields on the screen.

For Example Program. Program A. What Is Dfheiblk? It is placed in the linkage section automatically by CICS translator program. It must be the first entry in linkage section.


CICS Interview questions

The programming technique in which the task will not wait for the end-user replies on the terminal. Terminating the task every time the application needs a response from the user and specifying the next transaction to be started when the end user press any attention key Enter, PF1 through PF24, PA1,PA2 and Clear is pseudo-conversational processing. Pseudo-conversational will start a new task for each input. Conversational will have an active task during the duration of the data entry. Multitasking is the feature supported by the operating system to execute more than one task simultaneously. Multithreading is the system environment where the tasks are sharing the same programs load module under the multitasking environment. It is a subset of multitasking since it concerns tasks which use the same program.


CICS - Interview Questions

Then translator takes actions on the CICS statements and then back to the compiler, show what native language statements to generate. There is no restrictions in Integrated Translator as compared to Separate Translator. What is the function of the CICS translator? Ans: The XCTL command transfer control to an application program at the same logical level and do not expect to control back, while the LINK command passes control to an application program at the next logical level and expects control back. The mainframe operating systems of IBM are time-sharing and batch.

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