The most disheartening were at the hands of the police. At age 20, a drunken Powell was brutally beaten by cops going far beyond the acceptable call of duty. Following the incident, Powell was institutionalized for several months. Later in life, a marijuana bust was perhaps the last straw.

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Mentored by Thelonious Monk, Bud Powell became the first great piano innovator of bebop. His ingenious technique and originality as an improviser and composer established the foundation for all pianists to follow. Long after bop had faded, Powell remained a source of inspiration for pianists as varied as the harmonically engrossed Bill Evans and the rhythmically unfettered Cecil Taylor.

In other words there is jazz piano Before Powell and After Powell. While his left hand played a neutral backdrop of chords, his right hand would explode into a blindingly intricate improvisatory cascade, rivaling and even surpassing Parker and Gillespie in rhythmic imagination.

Bud and Monk. Off Minor. Not recorded by Monk for almost two years. The beginning of his own solo sounds like a match igniting. Intense, Awesome and Driven. Love, anger, frustration, joy, reflection, even terror were all revealed through his fingers.

Watching him perform with his eyes closed, it seemed as if the music came directly out of him rather than out of the piano. Somebody Loves Me. He had just emerged from Creedmore Sanatorium, where he had been incarcerated for several months, and was raring to make a record for Clef. It was a brief window, as he soon returned to Creedmore for more treatment.

Difficult as it may be to imagine musical creativity taking place under these conditions, Powell seemed untouchably inspired, ready to display not only his pianistic fancy but also his talent as a composer … On the sessions, accompanied by Ray Brown and [Max] Roach, he turned out a number of masterpieces.

Tempus Fugue-It. The Norton Jazz Collection. Tea for Two. Bud Powell — Composer. Drawing on his knowledge of Baroque counterpoint and his command of modern jazz harmony, he couched his tunes and many of his arrangements of pop songs in intricate structures.

Bouncing With Bud. Glass Enclosure. Dance Of The Infidels. Un Poco Loco. Bud Powell Solo Bud Powell—p. Bud Powell solo Bud Powell-p. But this was also a general weakness of his whole generation of jazz pianists.

Not until the late s did modern jazz piano refine an original and authentic approach to ballad playing. Parisian Thoroughfare. Norton The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Jazz. Columbia P6 Smithsonian Collection of Jazz Piano. Smithsonian Folkways Recordings Bebop Story: Vol.

Verve VE2 Kirchner, Bill editor. The Oxford Companion To Jazz. New York, NY. Chapter Modern Jazz: Bebop Giddens, Gary. Visions of Jazz: The First Century. New York. Oxford University Press. The History of Jazz. Chapter 6. Modern Jazz Chapter 7. Penguin Books. Pullman, Peter. Wail: The Life of Bud Powell. Peter Pullman, LLC.

This is an interesting collection of music by Muzio Clementi. In includes three sets of variations, a canon, and a set of style pastiches. The program opens with Five Variations on a Minuet by Mr. This six-minute charmer increases the complexity with each variation, but not excessively so. These variations could well be and […].

How many more unjust deaths must there be? Dangeroux wrote nine of the songs on offer and Visor wrote five. Franz Krommer lived somewhat in the shadow of Beethoven. Symphony […]. On their breathtaking debut the new Whit Dickey Trio shines their collective illumination into the heretofore unexplored darkness between them. The album teams the drummer with one of his most […]. The challenge for May is post works for unusual solo instruments or works about solitude.

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Un Poco Loco – The Intensity of Bud Powell (1946 - 1953)

In the late s, the renowned literary and cultural critic Harold Bloom included "Un Poco Loco" in his list of the most "sublime" works of twentieth-century American art from his introduction to Modern Critical Interpretations: Thomas Pynchon's Gravity's Rainbow. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Afro-Cuban Jazz. San Francisco, C.


Un Poco Loco

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