Our experience and know-how makes pool and spa care easier and more enjoyable. Nothing but the best for your swimming pool. Make the most of your investment in your pool, your time and your family. We love swimming pools as much as you do. The perfect blend of proven expertise and personal attention.

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It helps to have an experienced water care professional walk you through the steps needed to keep your pool or hot tub in optimum condition. You can start with a free water analysis at Jacuzzi Surrey's Outdoor Living Centre to gain a clear picture of the condition of your water, then put together a water care plan utilizing effective and easy to use BioGuard water care products, designed to add long-lasting clarity and health to your pool or hot tub.

See Jacuzzi Surrey water quality professional today to learn the easiest and most effective ways to keep your pool and hot tub water in the best condition possible. Learn how to care for your pool in winter with BioGuard off-season products. BioGuard water care products for pools and hot tubs include: Algae control products: a full line of prevention products including Banish, Erase, and Polygard.

Sanitizers: by continually killing bacteria, a sanitizer provides swimmer protection from disease-causing organisms. This important role makes the sanitizer the most critical product in pool care.

Water Enhancers: clear cloudy water and restore sparkle to your pool water, as you help your filter work more efficiently by acting as a coagulant to bind tiny particles together, making it easier for it to remove them.

Winterization products: Winterizing is the easiest thing you can do to make your spring pool opening as easy as possible. Benefits of correctly closing your pool include protecting your pool surfaces and equipment. Pool care systems that take the time and hassle out of caring for your pool. Online Form - Jacuzzi Surrey Contact. Find us online.


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