Last week, I was introduced to the amazing child singer, Sooryagayathri, from Kerala, India. I shared information about her, as well as three of her songs, in a previous post. Hejjaya mele hejjeyanikkuta gejje kalgala dhvaniya toruta Sajjana sadhu pujeya velege majjigeyolagina benneyante. Kanaka vrstiya kareyuta bare mana kamanaya siddhiya tore Dinakara koti tejadi holeva janakarayana kumari vedha. Attittalagalade bhaktara maneyali nitya mahotsava nitya sumangala Satyava toruva sadhu sajjanara cittadi holeva puttali bombe.

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I am going to post lyrics for most commonly sung devotional songs. The first one being the famously sung song Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma. This song is composed by Purandara Dasaru. I like the one sung by Bhimsen Joshi which is Hindustani music.

Subbalakshmi which is Carnatic music. Whichever music you like, the lyrics are the same. So, here comes the lyrics, lets all sing together Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma on Friday, and everyday of the week. Listen to Pt. Bhimsen Joshi and Mrs. Subbalakshmi sing Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma here at youtube:.

Posted by Chaitanya Shiroor on August 22, at pm. Today on vividh bharati I happened to listen to a beautiful kannada bhajan sung by Bhimsen Joshi — Yashoda amma nanage yetikollu. Can anybody give me the link for the song and lyrics?

Thanks and regards Chaitanya. Now I got the lyrics English and meaning. Could you please post the lyrics in Malayalam. Can you please post me the lyrics in kannada. Bhagyada laxmibarrama song lyrics is simply aweosome. Hello I am a MPian was in search of lyrics since I heared this song.

I like it very much. Thanks to you. Nanage nimma ella recepies, authentic madwa recepies devotionsal songs thumba ista agide. Thank u very much. Tamil transliteration is a good attempt but sorry to say it has mistakes; not intention to find fault, just that tamilians should not pronounce the lyrics wrongly.

Posted by janani on April 3, at am. Posted by Panchanathan Suresh on January 14, at pm. Many people have requested the lyrics in Tamil. Even I could not find it online, so I have transliterated it into Tamil by myself! Posted by gaurav on December 18, at am.

Dear meeraji, I am inviting 30 people for satyanarayana pooja on Saturday could you suggest the authentic madhawa food menu. Thank you. Dear Meera Madam, i want the lyrics of the song hidako bida beda raghavendrara paada. I wish to do vaibhav lakhsmi pooja.

I love it very much and this song can be sung in every small functions. I was simply wonderstruck by the amount of effort you people have put in to provide the song lyrics in Telugu, Kannada, Devanagari and English. Here is a link to one of the oldest recordings of this song; I have the song sung by 4 different people in. Posted by Nithya Challa on December 31, at pm. Posted by Seema Gharse on October 9, at pm. Thank you so much. For posting the lyrics..

Wow , thank you so much for this song. My mom used to sing this. Now I learnt this. Thanks to u. Posted by Rakesh on October 26, at am. Thanks for such a wonderful explaination and the various translated versions of the beautiful song of MahaLakshmi. Thanks Sudhi. Posted by hrishikesh on December 13, at am. This song is composed by Sri Purandara dasaru, the pitamaha of Carnatic Sangeeta; he composed 4. He is Deva Rishi Narada avataara.

His compositions are called Purandara Upanishad, because they have so much shastra in them. Sri Purandara Dasaru is so holy that all that river Goddess came and drew rangoli at his door step everyday. Sri Purandara Dasaru is called Carnatic Sangeetha Pitamaha; because he systematized learning of Carnatic sangeet, he introduced pillari geetas and various other constructs by which Carnatic sangeeta could be easily taught to the public. Prior to this, only gifted people could be taught sangeeta.

Just like reading the shastras and understanding the deep meanings is tough; so was sangeeta. Sri Purandara Dasaru with his genius made the shastras easier as well as the sangeeta. Sri Purandara Dasaige Namon Namaha!!! I just remembered some things I was taught about this song. Please accept my humble contribuitions.

Any mistakes are solely mine! To understand this, we need to understand the circumstance of composing the song. Since Purandara Dasaru is an Aproksha Gynani, the Lord showed him visions of his leelas from time to time.

SRI Purandara Dasaru would immidiately burst out with devotion and compose a song. The vision for this song is, puttu Sri Krishna or a child Sri Krishna is running around the house. Her mother Yashoda is chasing him around. Yashoda has a special amsha of MahaLaxmi else no one can touch Sri Krishna. Dasaru sees this vision and he notices one thing.

Sri MahaLaxmi will come only where her husband Sri Hari is honoured and respected. Sri MahaLaxmi is the ultimate wife. Vidya Laxmi. The entire Shastras follow the footsteps of Sri Krishna. Dasaru sees Sri Krishna running towards him and sees Sri MahaLaxmi in Yashoda running towards him and composes this song. Only when the arani sticks are rubbed together does the fire appear. Only when the buttermilk is churned that butter appears.

Only when the Shastras are contemplated on deeply under the guidance of Tattvavada parampare does the true and real meaning come out. Thanks Hrishikesh for your hard efforts to give us this word for word meaning of this beautiful song!

Posted by Gururaj on November 5, at am. Posted by R Balasubramanian on September 28, at am. All songs of Purandaradasa are unimaginable and cannot be compared with each other as to which is great and which is not. It was his total devotion to Lord that, he could write morethan 1. Of late Karnataka Government also started organising Aradhana for this great soul and all music performers should make it a point to sing a song of all great men in the concert expecially Purandara and Kanaka Dasas.

Posted by Abhay on September 18, at pm. I am in love of this great bhajan. I cant understand Kannada language….. It will be helpfull if someone translate it in Hindi or English for me…. Posted by shwethamanjunath on July 30, at am. Can you send me this song in English — Aishwarya K. Madam, it was very nice to have seen the song written in kannada and posted as well.

The initial intro. Ganapathi Gambheera, Gajavadana sundara Moolaadhaara Mandalaroopa, Kulakundala Mandalavasa……… it was sung so beautifully by a lady named Ms.

Ramya of Bangalore University. Am mad for this song. Thanx for song lyrics. I am a maharashtrian doing some work in K. Three months ago I came across this song by Pt. Bhimsen ji. Now i am in love with the song.

I will get translation and meaning of this song from mu kannad friends. I dedicate this song to my father.


Song Lyric Sunday: Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma



Bhagyada Lakshmi Baramma Lyrics






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