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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Eralp, E. Keyman, N. Polat, O. One of the most indicator for this development is new conceptual approaches and debates.

Existing interest to world politics and to discipline of international relations is also effected to Turkey. Especially last ten years in Turkey, building new IR department in the universities and the scholars who are studing IR are increased.

Origins of international relations cames from US and UK and there was important feature, IR only related to political history and law of nation. With globalization growing awareness and incerasing interconnectedness among social lifes that borderless and distantless which came a global village there are many new concept and discussions in the international relations. In the world, there are some new issues and new theoretical studies.

In Turkey, yes, incerasing awareness of regional studies but we cannot see in conceptual studies. Because unfortunately, conceptual studies are obviously intangible and it is not thinking to understanding current political events. However, conceptual approaches and discussions are very important to evaluate daily IR issues. The purpose of this book is to produce solution for this problem. Also, Turkish sources very limited in IR studies. This book aim to reduce this problem.

Group members are from METU department of international relations. ─░hsan D. Nuri Yurdusever. The purpose of this group is to discuss theoretical subjects and to contribute the international relations theories.

Before the International Relations II. Poststructuralist Approaches In the first session A. Nuri Yurdusever examined three historical parts: international relations thought in primeval days ancient China and Greek-Rome world , understanding of IR in middle ages Christian doctrine and classic Islam thought and modern period. He emphasized that international relations emerged in 15 th. There was established new values, norms and rules to regulate the system.

Also, he mentioned IR studies started because of people want to avoid new total war in the world. On the other hand, he added some detailed information such as; the first chair of international relations established in the UK, in Wales. In the second session Atilla Eralp examined realism-idealism debate also called first great debate. He emphisazed, international relations burn after first world war within the idealism and after the second world war realism was more important than idealism.

In the third session Oktay F. Also related debate about human nature, scientific research. In the other parts, authors are examined their subject within the theoretical perspective. Importance of this book is that it is purely conceptual study to contribute to international relations literature. There so many theoretical studies in Europe and US about international relations but contrast there is a little studies in Turkey.

For this reason, the book is prepared. In addition, the book is important because when we are thinking about some important events in international area, theories are help to understand to cause and effect relations. Also, this book is contain different approaches such as classical IR theories idealism, realism at the same time structuralist and critical theories.

On the other hand, this book examined some methodological problem in international relations. There are seven authors in this book. I will explain some authors. First session belonged to Nuri Yurdusever from METU, these are his research interests; theory and history of international relations, civilizations and international systems. In my opinion, this is successful study because it has very extensive theoretical perspective.

Also authors are used articles, books, studies different sources. As for final remarks, readers ranging from academia, Turkish policy-makers also students who are interested like this studies.

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Atila Eralp

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