Posted By Saimatkong on Nov 27, 1 comment 8, views. It has always been a priority of Astro to improve their product and service offering and meet the diverse interests and needs of our customers. Furthermore, the content of each language version will be tailored according to the news and entertainment interests of its readers. As such, you are more likely to find stories and features that are relevant and enjoyable to you.

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Remember Me? Advanced Search. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 15 of Thread: AstroView Magazine. We have to fill up this form or do it online in order to continue to receive the Mag free? If you read the fine print after question 5 , it read: Complimentary until February That obviously means they are planning to charge even subscribers for the magazine after that date.

What the heck is this? Another rip off!!! This is getting ridiculous!!! Time we make noise! Join Date Apr Location somewhere out there Posts 1, We can do without the magazine. What they are counting on is that people will forget to "unsubscribe" come Feb and they will continue to send it and charge for it. Even if you do ask to cancel they will probably ignore it for a few months. Who wants to bet on this? We have the the option to cancel both. I hardly use the AstroGuide, and this new "enhanced" Astroview looks like another something-that-I-don't-need-yet-being-charged-for-it.

I will definintely cancel my subscription for Astroview in February At least Astro should give us the option if we do not want Astroview, we can still receive AstroGuide for free.

Originally Posted by denver. Join Date Oct Location usj Posts Early this year. Now I can happily say, I have suvived on the bare minimum. Somedays, nothing to watch even on AXN Join Date Aug Location usj27 Posts 7, The Assthrow fellas really are a bunch of!

They say you are only allowed one 1 free magazine eventhough you may have 3 decoders AND have both the Dynasty and Movie packages Join Date Nov Location subang jaya Posts I get so angry with astro's horrible attitude that I found myself thinking I'd fill in their stupid form in pencil and post it so they have to get someone to retype it rather than fill it in online.

Isn't that terrible? And why do they need to know my race and religion???? What we really need is some competition. Then astro will have to learn some decent customer service manners.

This form that asks all these sensitive questions isn't even secure! Originally Posted by emw. This means that if you fill in details about your name, IC, address etc, this information may be intercepted by other parties. They may use this information to create credit cards, loans etc in your name. To prevent identify theft, don't fill out this form online. I refuse to fill the form cos why should i give them my private details. I'm not sending in the form.

They can keep the assview and guide. Don't use it at all and if they screw around will return 2nd decoder. Big bully Just want to know Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. The time now is AM. All rights reserved.


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