As we transition to our new site, you'll still find some Stats NZ information here on this archive site. To search the classification use the Classification Code Finder. Use a coding tool to code large volumes of data by downloading the Classification Coding System. Statistics New Zealand and the Australian Bureau of Statistics developed this classification together, to improve the ability of industry statistics to be compared between the two countries and with the rest of the world.

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Statistics Census Complete your survey About us. Upcoming releases ABS. Want to help us improve our website? Provide feedback. Follow us on Nursery and Floriculture Production. Mushroom and Vegetable Growing. Sheep, Beef Cattle and Grain Farming. Fishing, Hunting and Trapping. Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing Support Services. Agriculture and Fishing Support Services. Other Agriculture and Fishing Support Services. Oil and Gas Extraction. Non-Metallic Mineral Mining and Quarrying.

Exploration and Other Mining Support Services. Other Mining Support Services. Food Product Manufacturing. Meat and Meat Product Manufacturing. Cheese and Other Dairy Product Manufacturing.

Fruit and Vegetable Processing. Grain Mill and Cereal Product Manufacturing. Cereal, Pasta and Baking Mix Manufacturing. Cake and Pastry Manufacturing Factory based. Bakery Product Manufacturing Non-factory based. Sugar and Confectionery Manufacturing. Other Food Product Manufacturing.

Potato, Corn and Other Crisp Manufacturing. Prepared Animal and Bird Feed Manufacturing. Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing. Soft Drink, Cordial and Syrup Manufacturing. Wine and Other Alcoholic Beverage Manufacturing. Cigarette and Tobacco Product Manufacturing. Textile, Leather, Clothing and Footwear Manufacturing. Textile Product Manufacturing. Cut and Sewn Textile Product Manufacturing. Knitted Product Manufacturing. Clothing and Footwear Manufacturing.

Wood Product Manufacturing. Log Sawmilling and Timber Dressing. Other Wood Product Manufacturing. Prefabricated Wooden Building Manufacturing. Wooden Structural Fitting and Component Manufacturing. Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Manufacturing. Converted Paper Product Manufacturing. Corrugated Paperboard and Paperboard Container Manufacturing. Other Converted Paper Product Manufacturing.

Printing including the Reproduction of Recorded Media. Printing and Printing Support Services. Reproduction of Recorded Media. Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing. Petroleum Refining and Petroleum Fuel Manufacturing. Other Petroleum and Coal Product Manufacturing. Basic Chemical and Chemical Product Manufacturing. Synthetic Resin and Synthetic Rubber Manufacturing. Fertiliser and Pesticide Manufacturing. Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing.

Human Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing. Veterinary Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Product Manufacturing. Cleaning Compound and Toiletry Preparation Manufacturing. Cosmetic and Toiletry Preparation Manufacturing.

Other Basic Chemical Product Manufacturing. Photographic Chemical Product Manufacturing. Other Basic Chemical Product Manufacturing n. Polymer Product and Rubber Product Manufacturing. Polymer Product Manufacturing. Natural Rubber Product Manufacturing. Non-Metallic Mineral Product Manufacturing. Glass and Glass Product Manufacturing. Ceramic Product Manufacturing. Primary Metal and Metal Product Manufacturing. Basic Ferrous Metal Manufacturing. Basic Ferrous Metal Product Manufacturing. Basic Non-Ferrous Metal Manufacturing.

Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing. Structural Metal Product Manufacturing. Prefabricated Metal Building Manufacturing. Architectural Aluminium Product Manufacturing.

Metal Roof and Guttering Manufacturing except Aluminium. Other Structural Metal Product Manufacturing. Metal Container Manufacturing. Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing.

Other Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing n. Transport Equipment Manufacturing. Motor Vehicle Body and Trailer Manufacturing. Automotive Electrical Component Manufacturing. Other Transport Equipment Manufacturing. Aircraft Manufacturing and Repair Services. Other Transport Equipment Manufacturing n. Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing. Professional and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing.

Photographic, Optical and Ophthalmic Equipment Manufacturing. Medical and Surgical Equipment Manufacturing. Other Professional and Scientific Equipment Manufacturing. Computer and Electronic Equipment Manufacturing.

DA PAM 165-18 PDF

Australian and New Zealand Standard Industrial Classification

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Business industry code tool

An individual business entity is assigned to an industry based on its predominant activity. The term business entity is used in its widest sense to include any organization undertaking productive activities, including companies, non-profit organizations, government departments and enterprises. At the Divisional level, the main purpose is to provide a limited number of categories which provide a broad overall picture of the economy and are suitable for the publication of summary tables in official statistics. The Subdivision, Group and Class levels provide increasingly detailed dissections of these categories for the compilation of more specific and detailed statistics. The original edition of the ASIC was based at the broader levels on the ISIC, with some modifications to allow for comparability with previously used classifications. Revised editions of the classification were released by the ABS in and

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