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The first European in the North Santander territories was the German conquistador Ambrosio Alfinger, who came from Santa Ana de Coro Venezuela in with a troop of adventurers, and invaded the unexplored eastern region of the newly created Governorate of Santa Marta. At hours of the same day Gandin received an order directly from General Ambrosio to send most of his naval and merchant vessels to Brindisi immediately, as demanded by the terms of the armistice. Not even for Ambrosio 's. No, no, Ambrosio.

Following the peace with England, the new Spanish commander Ambrosio Spinola pressed hard against the Dutch. The city would remain in Dutch hands until , date in which the Spanish tercios of Ambrosio Spinola would be able to recapture it after a long siege. Groenlo was then held by the States until a siege in by Ambrosio Spinola. Unlike the strategy adopted by Ambrosio Spinola at Breda in , Frederick Henry did not plan on a passive siege, aimed at starving the fortress, but intended a more aggressive approach.

Your former general, Ambrosio Spinola, wishes to win more battles for us in Flanders. You should have Alessandra Ambrosio , Not an amateur. Ambrosio 's order stated that the Italians should not "make common cause" with the Greek partisans or even the Allies, should they arrive in Cephalonia.

The Acta de la Proclamacion de la Independencia del Pueblo Filipino was solemnly read by its author, Ambrosio Rianzares Bautista, Aguinaldo's war counselor and special delegate. She began teaching as a student assistant, chosen by Professor Ambrosio L. Gioja, in philosophy of law. Possibly inappropriate content Unlock. Register to see more examples It's simple and it's free Register Connect. Suggest an example.


Translation of "Ambrosio" in Russian

Encuentra Alojamientos en Maracaibo!! At the Western Venezuelan end, there is Maracaibo capital of the Zulia State, second only to Caracas and one of the country's top oil centres. It is on the coast of the lake named after the city and discovered on August 24th , by Alonso de Ojeda a sailor of Columbus' crew in his second trip to America. The city was founded three times. The lack of activity in the zone made Nicolas de Federman evacuate the village in and move its population to Cabo de la Vela nearby Coro. A second attempt by Captain Alonso Pacheco turned into failure. The third and definite foundation of the city, occurs in when Captain Pedro Maldonado, under Governor Diego de Mazariego', command establishes the village with the name of Nueva Zamora de Maracaibo to honour Mazariego's place of birth, Zamora in Spain.


Ambrosius Ehinger

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Ambrosio Alfinger

Ehinger was a factor in Madrid for the Welser banking family when they began planning for the colonization of New Granada. In August Ehinger made his first expedition to Lake Maracaibo which was bitterly opposed by the indigenous people, the Coquivacoa. After winning a series of bloody battles, he founded the settlement at Maracaibo on September 8, The city was renamed Maracaibo after the Spanish took possession. Ehinger came down with malaria and decided to recuperate in the relatively civilized comforts of Hispaniola , so he handed temporary authority over to Federmann on July 30, Upon his return, Ehinger, with 40 horse and foot soldiers and an uncounted number of allied Indians, set off from Coro on September 1, on his second expedition to the alleged gold country to the west. They crossed the Oca mountains, came over to Valledupar , along the Cesar River , and finally to the Zapatosa marsh.


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