Heatcraft has expanded its HVAC range with two new series of air to water liquid chillers and heat pumps. The Neosys and Ecolean are technically impressive innovations with an array of features including RA multi scroll compressors, Owlet variable speed fans and variable water flow, which optimise performance, reduce noise and minimise their carbon footprint. The Neosys air to water chiller and heat pump offers the options of partial heat recovery and free cooling efficiency. Partial heat recovery is enabled via installation of additional heat exchangers in the compressor discharge lines.

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Heatcraft HVAC business manager Mark Esdaile, said a market comparison has shown that the Lennox Aqua4 is on average 13 per cent more energy efficient than equivalent competitor models for cooling. It is also quieter than any other four pipe system in the Australian and New Zealand market. The Lennox Aqua4 is a cost effective alternative to VRF systems that offers simultaneous or independent heating and cooling from the one system.

The simultaneous and independent cooling and heating is achieved by the use of two independent refrigerant circuits connected by four hydraulic pipes. These units are able to satisfy the demand for hot and cold water simultaneously through a system that does not require adjustment due to seasonal loading and is therefore a valid alternative to traditional air conditioning plants with chiller and boiler. Esdaile said heating and cooling needs are constantly being balanced to maximise total efficiency of the unit to achieve desired temperatures across the entire circuit, regardless of demand.

High efficiency scroll compressors and high efficiency insulated braze plate heat exchangers contribute to the high EERs. The innovative fan blade design optimises airflow, while low noise versions can be specified which include a fully soundproofed technical casing and low speed on the condenser fan.

The Neosys chillers incorporate the latest multi-scroll Copeland compressors well-known for their solid reliability and high performance. Neosys also uses a specific and exclusive condenser fan motor design with hybrid ceramic bearings to extend the service life of the motors. In a water system, the pump is one of the main energy consumption items. The energy costs of pumping can represent more than 20 per centof the total energy cost of a chiller.

Lennox has addressed this with the eDrive variable speed pump technology, present in both Neosys and Ecolean. At full load, eDrive automatically controls energy costs via an electronic adjustment of the pump curve. At partial load, eDrive automatically reduces the chiller pump speed. During shutdown periods, the chiller operates at minimum speed and on starting eDrive acts as a soft starter minimising start-up current.

The Active Acoustic Attenuation System uses an electronic control associated with variable speed fans. Neosys can automatically change the speed of all the fans — from zero to per cent of the nominal air flow — to meet the building load requirements while being noise compliant. For more information on any of the Chillers from the Lennox range, contact your Heatcraft representative on 13 23


Lennox Neosys



NEOSYS™ air cooled chiller/heat pump


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