Marina my girlfriend had some pretty kick ass stuff as well, so we decided to merge her Pioneer header with her Emphaser amplifier and all my speakers into it. Yaay car-audio : Seat Leon Extended Edition Well, after driving around with one tweeter for far too long, on the 18th of June [] I decided to fix things up good. I have had the JBL DA lying around unused far too long, so here's the new plan, effective from the 29th of June when the carshop delivers This thing was bought to navigate, it turns out to be a really bad soundsystem. It is mounted in a large case with one basstube to let the air out. This speaker really comes to life at Watts RMS, rest assued that driving this puppy at high levels simply rocks.

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We would be happy to advise you individually about our products by email or phone and help you find the right components. Neodymium magnet 20 cm. Every order that we receive by p.

Depending on the postcode, the delivery time is approx. The exact Germany shipping costs can be found in the eBay item description. If you buy items from different categories, please note that different shipping classes may apply there. It always applies the higher of Shipping class!

You are legally obliged to return used batteries as end consumers. You can return batteries free of charge after use at the point of sale or in their immediate vicinity e. You can also send batteries back to us with sufficient postage. They only serve to identify the respective devices and device types.

We create our pages with the greatest care and would under no circumstances intentionally violate applicable law. In the event of warnings against applicable law, we ask you to contact us in advance to avoid unnecessary legal disputes and costs. The cost note of a legal warning without prior contact is rejected as unfounded in the sense of the duty to mitigate damage.

Just send us an email to: We are always careful to describe the item offered in the best possible way. If you still have complaints about an article, please contact us. Our friendly employees will gladly help you. Product description. ACR benefits. New goods from the dealer in top quality Specialist dealer with many years of industry experience Perfect support from car infotainment specialists Invoice with VAT On your name Collection of the auctioned goods possible within our business hours After sales support team If desired, installation service in one of our contract workshops or via our mobile nationwide installation service possible directly at your location.

You want to sell our products? Dealer inquiries are always welcome! After receiving your documents, we will immediately arrange everything necessary for your dealer registration! Payment methods Checkout. Our bank details are stored on eBay. After your purchase, please click the 'Pay Now' button to view the total amount and access our bank details. You will receive our bank details after completing our purchase.

You can also check the status of your order online at any time. We gladly accept your payment via PayPal. By instantly crediting your payment, you will receive your item even faster. You collect the item from us and pay in cash. Please use our checkout or send a short e-mail to arrange an appointment with us for the pick-up.

Shipping Info shipping. Parcel shipping within Germany:. More legal information You are legally obliged to return used batteries as end consumers. Our partners. If you are not satisfied once Advice before buying: We would be happy to advise you individually about our products by email or phone and help you find the right components.

Parcel shipping within Germany: Every order that we receive by p. Parcel shipping with DHL within Europe:.


Advice before buying:



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