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Quick Links. Download this manual. A Venturedyne, Ltd. This generic manual is intended for reference purposes only and is not intended to. For operating instructions and a description of. This manual provides the most current generic operating instructions for this. Therefore this manual may not include. This manual also may cover features that are not.

Examples within this manual are for typical. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Computer interface troubleshooting and error codes Section 6: Technical Information and Troubleshooting Troubleshooting procedures Related Manuals for Thermotron No related manuals. For operating instructions and a description of the features used on your specific control system, see the manual set supplied with your Thermotron product.

Page 2 Thermotron Industries. All relevant issues have been considered in the preparation of this document. Should you notice Thermotron Industries The display module uses a CM2 control module, an SBC unit running Windows, and a touch screen monitor to control an environmental test chamber. The display module uses a software application written for a Windows environment. Page 6: File Functions Instruction Manual. The has a virtually unlimited amount of storage space for settings and data.

The only limit on the storage capacity is the available space on the internal hard drive. NOTE: Once the drive is full, the oldest data is automatically deleted to make space for new data. Page 7: Display Controls screens and panels.

Page 8: Action Buttons Brings up the Change Access Level dialog box, allowing you to change the access level and password of Access the display module. Quick navigation buttons The user-defined quick navigation buttons allow you to switch quickly between frequently used screens and panels.

The T Alarm button appears only if your chamber is equipped with one or more Therm-Alarms. Accesses the online Help system. Allows you to get help on any topic relating to the Docs control system. Page Changing Access Levels And Passwords Display Module Instruction Manual Changing access levels and passwords The access level function allows you to select from six different levels of access to the functions.

The following table provides a general overview of which functions are available at each access level. General settings From any screen press Setup, then select the System Setup panel. Page 13 Power failure recovery If the is in run or hold mode and a power failure occurs that is longer than the Max Off Time setting, the will automatically power up in the mode selected under Recover Mode.

This setting cannot be overridden by the user. This option protects against excessive moisture building up on the evaporator coil.

Page Alerts Panel For example, if the value is set to 60 and the process variable is out of the deviation band for five seconds, no alarm will sound. Page Control Parameters Panel To maximize chamber performance, you must also compensate for lag times. Up to four groups of chamber parameters can be entered into the for each control channel. This allows you to select chamber performance appropriate for the type of interval or program you are running. For example, in one interval you may want less control during a ramp between two extreme temperatures, but in the next interval you may want more control to maintain a constant temperature.

For more information on computer interface settings, refer to Section 4 of this manual. Each display module is equipped with three independent computer interface ports.

Page 18 A non-zero error code response could indicate that the did not process the command properly and it should be re-sent, or it could indicate that the processed the command properly but it was invalid for some reason and needs to corrected before it is re-sent. Page 19 From any screen press Setup, then select the Communication panel. Page 20 A non-zero error code response could indicate that the did not process the command properly and it should be re-sent, or it could indicate that the processed the command properly but it was invalid for some reason and needs to corrected before it is re-sent.

Page Service Messages Panel Digital input: These service messages will be displayed when the specified digital input service interval goes active. Each control module has six digital inputs.

The valid range for selecting a digital input service message is , where Page 22 Setup Display Module Instruction Manual To see how many control modules your display module has, refer to the instrument wiring schematic s. System events monitor variables, such as temperature or throttle, and turn digital outputs on or off based on the state of the monitored variables.

Page 24 Before you change any system event parameters, you should record the original settings. Select each field to modify its setting. Record the new system event settings on the worksheets in Appendix E. Keep these settings with the manual. To help reduce clutter in the program and manual mode screens, enable only the auxiliary relays of interest. Page 28 Setup Display Module Instruction Manual Backup and recovery tools: Operating system Restore Points let you restore the entire operating system not including data to a previously known state.

If your system is free of problems, such as viruses, you may wish to set a restore point. Then at any time in the future if problems arise you could restore the operating system back to exactly the way it was when you created the restore point. Page 29 To create a backup file for a specific range of dates, follow these steps: Insert your flash drive into one of the USB ports on the SBC unit. For more information on the USB ports, refer to Section 6 of this manual.

Page 30 Setup Display Module Instruction Manual This generic manual is not intended to be used to operate your equipment. Page Section 2: Operation Section 2: Operation Manual mode operates the using set point and rate of change ramp rate settings.

You can enter manual mode when the system is in stop mode. NOTE: You also can enter manual mode from hold program mode if, while running a program, you want to perform a special operation in manual mode and then continue with the program.

NOTE: Standard auxiliaries are active only when the is in run mode. Live auxiliaries can be enabled without the being in run mode. For more information on your live auxiliaries, refer to your chamber manual. Page Program Mode Operation Once the interval is completed, the either transitions to the next interval or loops back to an earlier interval.

Once a program is entered into memory it can be run immediately, or it can be set up for a delayed start. Page 34 Press the Edit button again, then press Run. The will enter run program mode again using the new values for the remainder of the current interval. NOTE: Each active channel can have its own unique ramp rate that runs simultaneously. Page 36 Auxiliaries auxiliary relays may be enabled or disabled for each interval.

Page Creating Or Modifying A Program Display Module Instruction Manual Operation For programmed looping, the Next Int value is valid only if it is less than or equal to the number of the current interval, and if the Loops value is greater than 1. The interval will actually loop back to the target interval the Loops value minus 1. The following section describes how to set up and use the program graph.

The graph screen allows you to see a graphic representation of chamber data you select, such as process variables, monitor channels temperatures, and refrigeration system readings.

To change the graph view to a specific date and time: Press Goto. The Graph Properties dialog box will appear with the View panel selected.

Under Grid, select the background and grid line colors from their drop- down menus. Page Using The Therm-Alarm Panels If you are testing products with live electrical loads, you should install additional power cutoffs.

Please call Thermotron Industries if you have any questions on additional product protection. The Therm-Alarm is a redundant protection system.

Each Therm-Alarm has one temperature channel and may also have one linear analog channel. Page Therm-Alarm Operating Modes If you are testing expensive products, you should have an additional back-up product protection device.

If you are testing products with live electrical loads, you should install additional power cutoffs. To display the Therm-Alarms panel press T Alarm.

To calibrate the Therm- Alarm analog channel an appropriate power supply is required. Page Section 3: System Information alarm outputs are activated. NOTE: The Monitors panel appears only if one or more monitor channels were configured at the factory. To modify a monitor channel alarm setting, the access level must be Lab Manager or higher. For assistance please call the Thermotron Product Support group at The Schematic panel provides a graphical view of a typical Thermotron refrigeration system.

The schematic is color- coded to indicate the relative temperatures within the system. If transducers are installed, the Schematic panel provides live refrigeration data for key components of the system.

To modify and view the activity log display, follow these steps: Press Prev Day or Next Day to move one day backward or forward.

Page Control Module Panel All inputs and outputs are numbered for cross reference with chamber electrical and instrument drawings. The numbers of the digital inputs and outputs light up to indicate activity.

If the has more than one control module installed, you can choose which control module to display by selecting the appropriate CM number.


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