Steven Pinker The Blank SlateHuman nature is a topic of perennial interest, because everyone has a theory of humannature. All of us have to anticipate how people will react to their surroundings, and thatmeans that we all need theories, implicit or explicit, about what makes people tick. So much depends on our theory of human nature. In our private lives we use it to winfriends and influence people, to manage our relationships, to bring up our children, tocontrol our own behavior. Its assumptions about learning guide our policies ineducation; its assumptions about motivation guide our policies in law and politics. Andbecause the theory of human nature delineates what we can achieve easily, what we canachieve only with effort and sacrifice, and what we cannot achieve at all, its tied to ourvalues: what we think we can reasonably strive for as individuals and as a society.

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Fecha de nacimiento: The handbook of evolutionary psychology. Kindle location , emphasis in original. The Blank Slate Frases de Steven Pinker. The so-called rational animal has a desperate drive to pair up and moan and writhe.

Help us translate English quotes Discover interesting quotes and translate them. Start translating. Every aspect of thought and emotion is rooted in brain structure and function, including many psychological disorders and, presumably, genius.

The study confirms that the brain is a modular system comprising multiple intelligences, mostly nonverbal. Like vision and language, our emotions and cognitive faculties are complex, useful, and nonrandomly organized, which means that they must be a product of the only physical process capable of generating complex, useful, nonrandom organization, namely, natural selection.

An appeal to evolution was already implicit in the metatheoretical directives of Marr and Chomsky, with their appeal to the function of a mental faculty, and evolutionary psychology simply shows how to apply that logic to the rest of the mind.

What did they find? In a nutshell: Hobbes was right, Rousseau was wrong. By learning which manipulations achieve which goals, humans have mastered the art of the surprise attack. They use novel, goal-oriented courses of action to overcome the Maginot Line defenses of other organisms, which can respond only over evolutionary time.

The manipulations can be novel because human knowledge is not just couched in concrete instructions like 'how to catch a rabbit. People compose new knowledge and plans by mentally playing out combinatorial interactions among these laws in their mind's eye.

As one colleague said to me, "Look, I know that males and females are not identical. I see it in my kids, I see it in myself, I know about the research.

I can't explain it, but when I read claims of sex differences, steam comes out of my ears. Etiam egestas wisi a erat. Morbi imperdiet, mauris ac auctor dictum. Aniversarios de hoy Pancho Villa 14 mexicano nacimiento des conocido - Rick Riordan 75 escritor estadounidense Ray Bradbury escritor estadounidense -


Frases de Steven Pinker

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Como funciona la mente


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