The family moved to Pozsony Bratislava in , where Hamvas completed his basic studies in After graduation, like his classmates, he entered voluntary military service and was sent to the front in Ukraine. He was sent back to Budapest for hospital treatment due to severe traumatic shock, but just after recovery, he was drafted to the front line in western Italy. He never reached the battlefield, as his train was hit by a shell, wounding Hamvas, who was discharged. In his father refused to take an oath of allegiance to Czechoslovakia , whereupon his family was expelled from Bratislava.

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The Glossary has been machine translated. We apologize for mistakes in translation. During the communist rule he was banned from publication, his works were passed on by hand or copied under the hand. He dissected society and its organs as the keyboard of evil. The deeply religious author understood his work as a "prayer book for atheists".

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Béla Hamvas

Published by Budapest, Medio Kiado, From: Mephisto-Antiquariat Willebadessen, Germany. Seller Rating:. About this Item: Budapest, Medio Kiado, In ungarischer Sprache.


Scientia Sacra by Hamvas Bela



Hamvas Béla


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