The paper used in this manual is elemental chlorine free. Wrong operation or maintenance can cancel the warranty or cause injury. Do not open the equipment. Only qualified personnel should work inside the equipment. Turn off the radar power switch before servicing the antenna unit.

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Start Here. Search CVE List. An issue was discovered in chat. A blind JavaScript injection lies in the name parameter. Triggering this can fetch the username and passwords of the helpdesk employees in the URI. This leads to a privilege escalation, from unauthenticated to user-level access, leading to full account takeover.

The attack fetches multiple credentials because they are stored in the database stored XSS. A vulnerability in the authentication functionality in the web-based interface could allow an unauthenticated remote attacker to capture packets at the time of authentication and gain access to the cleartext password.

An attacker could use this access to create a new user account or control the device. NOTE: This vulnerability may only affect a testing version of the application.

NOTE: the vendor disputes the significance of this report because they expect CSV risk mitigation to be provided by an external application, and do not plan to add CSV constraints to their own products.

In GolfBuddy Course Manager 1. An improper authentication vulnerability in FortiMail 5. Authentication can be bypassed when accessing cgi modules. This allows one to perform administrative tasks e. SOPlanning 1. Symmetricom SyncServer S 2. Iteris Vantage Velocity Field Unit 2. Also, bluetooth is the root password. This vulnerability allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code on affected installations of Quest Foglight Evolve 9.

Authentication is not required to exploit this vulnerability. The product contains a hard-coded password for this account. The specific flaw exists within the handling of HNAP login requests. The issue results from the lack of proper handling of empty passwords. An attacker can leverage this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code on the router. This vulnerability allows network-adjacent attackers to bypass authentication on affected installations of D-Link DAP Firmware v2.

The specific flaw exists within the handling of passwords. The issue results from the lack of proper password checking. An attacker can leverage this vulnerability to execute arbitrary code in the context of root.

As of v1. For insiders with access to the cluster or logs, this issue could be abused for privilege escalation, as Argo has privileged roles.

A malicious insider is the most realistic threat, but pod names are not meant to be kept secret and could wind up just about anywhere.

A remote attacker can use their own token to make unauthorized API requests on behalf of arbitrary user IDs. Valid and current user IDs are trivial to guess because of the user ID assignment convention used by the app. A remote attacker could harvest email addresses, unsalted MD5 password hashes, owner-assigned lock names, and owner-assigned fingerprint names for any range of arbitrary user IDs.

In cloud-init through LoginHelperServlet aka the Forgot Password feature. An issue was discovered in phpABook 0. HconfigMenu servlet via an authenticated administrator. Trend Micro Password Manager for Windows version 5. There is a hard-coded password to supply a PBKDF feeding into AES to encrypt a username and base64 encode it to a client-side cookie for persistent session authentication.

By knowing the key and algorithm, an attacker can select any username, encrypt it, base64 encode it, and save it in their browser with the correct JICSLoginCookie cookie format to impersonate any real user in the JICS database without the need for authenticating or verifying with MFA if implemented. Revive Adserver, like many other applications, requires the logged in user to type the current password in order to change the e-mail address or the password.

It was however possible for anyone with access to a Revive Adserver admin user interface to bypass such check and change e-email address or password of the currently logged in user by altering the form payload. The attack requires physical access to the user interface of a logged in user. The Intellian Aptus application 1. Intellian Aptus Web 1. An arbitrary file upload vulnerability has been discovered in the Super File Explorer app 1. The vulnerability is located in the developer path that is accessible and hidden next to the root path.

This issue exists due to the lack of a requirement to provide the old password, and the lack of security tokens. An issue was discovered in OpServices OpMon 9. Starting from the apache user account, it is possible to perform privilege escalation through the lack of correct configuration in the server's sudoers file, which by default allows the execution of programs e.

Missing password strength checks on some forms in Plone 4. In JetBrains TeamCity before This vulnerability was discovered and remediated in versions v4. This feature is not present in version v4. Therefore, the vulnerability is not present in these versions. This vulnerability was discovered in and remediated in versions v4. The 'password' feature is an additional optional check performed by TS that it is connected to a specific controller.

This data is sent as clear text and is visible on the network. This feature is not present in TriStation versions v4. Sonoff TH 10 and 16 devices with firmware 6. In FreeBSD Incorrect username validation in the registration process of CTFd v2.

This will register the account with the same username as the victim. After initiating a password reset for the new account, CTFd will reset the victim's account password due to the username collision.

Comtech Stampede FX 7. In some cases, authentication can be achieved with the comtech password for the comtech account. Evoko Home 1. An issue was discovered in Gallagher Command Centre 7.

External system configuration data used for third party integrations such as DVR systems were logged in the Command Centre event trail. Any authenticated operator with the 'view events' privilege could see the full configuration, including cleartext usernames and passwords, under the event details of a Modified DVR System event. If an attacker is able to determine when the current Elastic Stack cluster was deployed they may be able to more easily brute force the Elasticsearch credentials generated by ECK.

In Moxa PT series firmware, Version 4. An attacker could identify cryptographic keys and use it for further cryptographic attacks that could ultimately lead to a remote attacker gaining unauthorized access to the controller. The controller will then respond to the client with used password values to authenticate the user on the client-side. This method of authentication may allow an attacker to bypass authentication altogether, disclose sensitive information, or leak credentials.

An editor user can change the password hash of an admin user's account, or otherwise reconfigure that account. ZTE EV3 router product is impacted by an information leak vulnerability. Attackers could use this vulnerability to to gain wireless passwords. After obtaining the wireless password, the attacker could collect information and attack the router.

CarbonFTP v1. The key for local FTP server passwords is hard-coded in the binary. Initially, a user opens a Private Browsing Window and generates a password for a site, then closes the Private Browsing Window but leaves Firefox open.

Subsequently, if the user had opened a new Private Browsing Window, revisited the same site, and generated a new password - the generated passwords would have been identical, rather than independent.

If a user saved passwords before Thunderbird 60 and then later set a master password, an unencrypted copy of these passwords is still accessible. This is because the older stored password file was not deleted when the data was copied to a new format starting in Thunderbird The new master password is added only on the new file.

This could allow the exposure of stored password data outside of user expectations. SAP Host Agent, version 7. Using password change parameters, an attacker could perform SQL injection without authentication. The Grandstream UCM series before 1. A remote unauthenticated attacker can invoke the challenge action with a crafted username and discover user passwords.

A remote unauthenticated attacker can invoke the login action with a crafted username and, through the use of timing attacks, can discover user passwords. The UCM series 1. This could allow an attacker to retrieve all passwords and possibly gain elevated privileges. An attacker can use this vulnerability to execute shell commands as root on versions before 1. MikroTik WinBox 3. Keep Password is set by default and, by default Master Password is not set.


Furuno AIS FA-150

Printed in Japan Pub. The operator of this equipment must read and follow the descriptions in this manual. Wrong operation or maintenance can cancel the warranty or cause injury. If this manual is lost or worn, contact your dealer about replacement. The contents of this manual and equipment specifications can change without notice. The example screens or illustrations shown in this manual can be different from the screens you see on your display. The screens you see depend on your system configuration and equipment settings.



Transponder Unit FA 1 unit 2. Display Unit FA 1 unit 3. Installation Materials 1 set Option 1. Pilot Plug OP 7. Software for PC 8.


Furuno Tztl12F Brochure NNTZT2




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