Quick Links. Blood Glucose and Ketone Monitoring System. Use for measuring glucose in fresh whole blood samples taken from fingers, forearm, upper. The system may also aid in the management of diabetes by providing the user with suggested.

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Quick Links. Abbott Diabetes Care. National Phytopharma Joint-Stock Company. Mount Wellington, P. Box Otahuhu,. Opposite Radio Pakistan Transmission,. Abbott Laboratories Singapore Pte Ltd. Table of Contents. Abbott diabetes care owner's manual blood glucose monitor 2 pages. Abbott freestyle navigator ii blood glucose monitoring system 21 pages. Abbott freestyle navigator blood glucose monitoring system pages.

The European Battery Directive requires separate Batch code collection of spent batteries, aiming to facilitate recycling and to protect the environment. The batteries in this product should be removed and disposed in accordance with local regulations for Catalogue number separate collection of spent batteries.

Page 4: Intended Use Observe caution when using around children. Other test strips may produce inaccurate results. Press until the correct hour appears. Press to save The date format flashes. Press to change the date format. Press the hour and to move to set minutes. Month — Expiry date: are shown. Page 8: Alternative Sites Alternative Sites Performing a Blood Glucose Test Obtaining a blood sample from alternative sites — forearm, upper arm, and base of Open the foil test strip packet at the notch and tear down to remove the the thumb — is subject to limitation.

Contact your healthcare professional before test strip. Page 9 Hold the blood drop to the white area until the meter beeps if sound is on and The Apply Sample symbols appear next, indicating the meter is ready for the status bar appears on the display. This indicates the test strip has obtained you to apply a sample to the test strip.

The unit of measurement is preset. You cannot change glucose the result is LO, contact your healthcare this setting. Thoroughly dry your hands. To warm the site, apply a Do not use the meter if the display check screen does not exactly match the warm dry pad or rub vigorously for a few seconds. The blood is The meter beeps if sound is on when the result and appears on the drawn into the test strip. You cannot change this 0.

Press to mark the test as a control solution test. The result should fall within the range. Your 7-day average appears. For more The blood glucose level may 1.

Review the testing instructions. Check that you are using the correct strip for this meter. See test strip instructions for use for Defective meter or test strip 1. Remove the used strip and discard it The test does not start after re-application instructions.

If the meter includes a plastic tab, pull on the tab to remove the battery. If the meter does not include a plastic tab, push the battery upward to Replacing the Battery remove it. The meter comes with a CR lithium coin cell battery installed. It provides power for about 1, tests. Avoid getting dirt, dust, blood, control solution, or liquid in the meter test strip port. Clean the outside of the meter using a damp cloth and mild soap. Specifications Healthcare Professionals: Acceptable cleaning solutions include Page 25 Beeper On: When countdown starts and ends.

Test strips See test strip instructions for use. On: Stays on during countdown; turns off 30 seconds after results Control solution See control solution instructions for use. Display Light appear. Stays on while transferring results to a computer. Assay Method Amperometric electrochemistry Data Port Metabolic and clinical significance of ketosis.

Special Topics in Endocrinology and Metabolism ; — Treatment of diabetic ketoacidosis using normalization of blood 3-hydroxybutyrate concentration as the endpoint of emergency management. This manual is also suitable for: Freestyle. Print page 1 Print document 26 pages. Cancel Delete. Sign In OR. Don't have an account? Sign up! Restore password. Upload from disk. Upload from URL.


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