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Observatorio Ambiental Algarrobino es un espacio virtual creado para que la comunidad de Algarrobo pueda dar a conocer y plantear soluciones potenciales a los problemas ambientales comunales.

Francisco Matta I. Los humedales son los que mas van a sufrir sus efectos. Interested in learning how cities are coping with air pollution and climate hazards? Threats include habitat loss, drowning in fishing gear, and climate change.

The last time similarly strong ozone depletion was observed over the Arctic was during spring , and ozone depletion in seems on course to be even stronger, according to the Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service implemented by ECMWF.

Actions taken under the Montreal Protocol have led to decreases in ozone-depleting substances. But their concentrations in the upper atmosphere are still high enough to cause severe ozone destruction. The spring depletion is driven by a combination of factors including low temperatures in the Arctic stratosphere during polar night and the arrival of sunlight in the early spring. La segunda es A Algarrobo le sigue Santo Domingo con una tasa de contagio de En Algarrobo, la estrategia para enfrentar esta pandemia ha sido la misma que a nivel nacional, esto es, reaccionar a lo que ocurre.

Los equivocados no son los que quieren que las leyes se cumplan, los equivocados son los que buscan excusas para que ello no ocurra. Datos de contagios por Comuna proporcionados por el Ministerio de Salud. Datos de contagios a nivel nacional proporcionados por el Ministerio de Salud y Johns Hopkins University. En Chile se ha mostrado la Fi En esta Figura podemos observar algo muy distinto a lo presentado anteriormente.

Acaban de decretar que todos los que tengan una segunda vivienda en Algarrobo tienen que irse al lugar donde viven. Illuminating the deep genetic history of humans in unprecedented detail, how female Plains spadefoot toads pick mates in—and even outside—their species, and a look at Antarctica in this special issue of Science.

Y se trata de solo un tema. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility Help. Email or Phone Password Forgot account? See more of Observatorio Ambiental Algarrobino on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? Not Now. Visitor Posts. Nina Tack. See More. Mirta Cornejo. Francisco Javier Rojas Guerra. Es interesante el digital de Algartobo Y su sistema de cobros es ilegal por la esval, o la empresas de aguas de Algarrobo.

Deben ponerse de acuerdo en No aceptar cobros anusivos a usos de agua escasos , que tomen el promedio del mes de maor gasto Este sisrema esta cafuco ,ilegal y abusivo e ilogico El resto lo utilizan las contructoras. Es obvio que hay cosas turbias alli.. Formen comision de supervision para velar por los derechos.. Information about Page Insights Data. There is no doubt about the need for a Social and Urban Integration Act; it is the only way to end social segregation and citizen.

But the bill passed in the Chamber of Deputies does not meet that goal. In the case of our Commune, Carob, where for the past 20 years there has been an absolutely disproportionate real estate development for the existing public infrastructure, it would not be good if it was left at the discretion of one or two tax officials, the authorization of a Zone of Urban integration into our commune, overlooking the community and all the territorial planning instruments that exist, in addition to weakening both the Law and the General Ordinance of Urbanism and Construction.

Even less without even knowing what percentage of tax land can be 'concessioned' or for how long; in the way it is today it is very similar to water rights. Nor would it be good for our Commune to deliver, in 'concession' to individuals the tax land of the Commune that usually correspond to public spaces.

If the idea was to expand urban areas to be able to have access to tax land that are outside of them today, the goal would not be fulfilled because they would continue to inhabit the periphery of the Commune without integration of any kind, but rather forming ' ghettos ' in height. On the other hand, and given the experience we have in the Commune, this would facilitate real estate development on the beach, which, given the effects of the climate emergency we are experiencing, would be selling death.

If what they want is real integration, then they should first consider integration as multidimensional and not just housing. That would be a start. Continue Reading. However, due to the scale to which this pollution occurs and how expensive nutrient concentration monitoring programs are, it has never been possible to document it. Traditionally monitoring of pollution problems in aquatic environments has been carried out through longitudinal studies over time that quantify nutrient concentrations in water, particularly phosphorus and nitrogen.

However, due to the costly of these programs and the close relationship between nutrient concentrations and Chlorophyll A concentrations, Chlorophyll A has been used for some time as an indicator of water quality.

Chlorophyll A is a green pigment found in vegetables absorbing sunlight and turning it into sugar during photosynthesis. High levels of Chlorophyll A often point to poor water quality while low levels suggest good conditions. However, the problem is not having high values, but the problem is to have persistently high values. What are the advantages measuring Chlorophyll A concentrations instead of nutrient concentrations?

Time integration: Phytoplankton where Chlorophyll A is located assimilates the nutrients available throughout its lifetime, while nutrient concentrations in the water column are very variable on very short time scales. Sensitivity: Phytoplankton responds quickly to nutrient input pulses to the coastal zone that might not be detected by a traditional nutrient sampling program. Collection Easy: A sample requires minimal processing and are not easily contaminated.

Cost: Chlorophyll A analysis is comparatively much cheaper than analyzing a set of nutrients dissolved in water. Detectability: Remote sensors satellites can detect concentrations of Chlorophyll A but still can't detect nutrient concentrations such as phosphorus and nitrogen directly. Although a water quality monitoring program using Chlorophyll A is cheaper than a nutrient concentration, they still remain expensive for national reality.

However, technological advances allow today to monitor Chlorophyll A concentrations from space, via satellites. The Figure shows the concentrations of Chlorophyll A in the coastal zone of Carob on five different dates. Comparatively, contamination feathers are more concentrated and more extensive during the ' summer ' months than during ' fall '. Why aren't contamination feathers observed since the exit of the emissary?

For this there are two reasons; the first is that the discharges of the emissary are like the sewer of our homes, the downloads are not constant but there are pulses of download, that is, there are hours when the downloads are greater, which allows that there may be a 'strip with less pollution' between the pen and the emissary, the second, is the prevailing winds and currents regime during the summer months that push the pollutant pen into the NE and then crash with the coast and continue in No address.

For their part, the images from May 12 and 13, show the daily evolution of the pen at a time when the prevailing winds regime begins to change to NO, keeping the pen in the Rada or pushing her south. As expected, the amounts of home waste are lower in this time so Chlorophyll A concentrations tend to dilut faster, but providing excessive nutrients to the coastal carob area. The disadvantage of monitoring water quality using remote sensors is that, if cloudy, you can't see anything.

That happened to us when trying to get images on other dates. On the other hand, the sensor used has only been in operation for a couple of years, so you can't look back.

Despite the above, monitoring via satellite images can provide a robust database to initiate legal action. If this would be complemented by Chlorophyll A on-site samples, it would be even better. This is a pilot study that is made available to those who may be interested in establishing a monitoring program in Algarrobo or any other coastal city in Chile.

Dear, apparently a neighbour of Carob photographed this American mink near a break in the Commune. If this is so, it's one of the baddest news we can have in Carob. Mink is a terribly damaging exotic species. Wetlands are the ones that will suffer the most. Need to get rid of them now, before they settle down or they can't be eradicated anymore. For those who want to see what would happen in Carob with a Tsunami.

Let's see if they understand some who still don't seem to understand. Click on the picture to see it better. El principal efecto es un incremento en la probabilidad de contraer problemas respiratorios; inflama los pulmones y puede reducir la i Nitrogen Dioxide concentrations in the troposphera of the metropolitan region and its relationship with the social burst of October and COVID At the beginning of the st century, the AURA spacecraft was sent to Earth orbit to study air pollution, among other things.

Compared to the role of coal in climate change studies, there has been little public debate regarding the need to take control actions over the amounts of nitrogen that occur worldwide and that are not recycled.

The N2O is a bad smell gas. A part of the N2O is naturally produced in the atmosphere during thunderstorms, another part is formed by plants, soil and water. N2O is a key pollutant, as it contributes to the formation of photochemical GMOG that can cause major impacts on human health.

The main effect is an increase in the likelihood of contracting respiratory problems; inflames the lungs and can reduce immunity to lung infections. This can cause coughing, colds, pneumonia, influences and bronchitis. In asthmatic people it can cause more frequent and more intense attacks. Among the environmental effects of N2O it can be mentioned that, by interacting with water, oxygen and other chemicals in the atmosphere, it forms acid rain that threatens sensitive ecosystems such as wetlands, native forests, etc.

Nitrate particles generate a kind of fog that prevents visibility, while the N2O released into the atmosphere will contaminate coastal waters. Given the background presented and given the events in the country, call yourselves ' social burst ' and ' COVID19', it is interesting to know whether these disruptions to normal work have affected emissions of pollutants, particularly N2O, which can be quantified on the Metropolitan Region.

The hypothesis was that, the citizen and industrial immobility of the Metropolitan Region, first product of the ' social burst ' and after the ' COVID19'pandemic, should lower the levels of N2O present in the atmosphere.


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