Aim: To determine the neuropsychological abnormalities that occur in alternating hemiplegia of childhood AHC and report on our experience in managing them. Method: Patients underwent evaluations according to our standardized AHC pathway. Data were entered into our prospective AHC database and then analyzed. Results: Of the cohort of 25 consecutive patients ages 15moy , eight had initial chief complaints about cognition, 14 language, five attention, and 11 behavior. Evaluations generated management recommendations in all patients. Eight out of nine patients with ADHD who were prescribed medications responded to pharmacotherapy.

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Resultados do tratamento da pancreatite aguda grave. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Efeito da hipertermia na pancreatite aguda grave experimental.

Changes in the management of acute pancreatitis in the last 2 decades contributed to reduce the mortality. AIM: To show the evolution in the management of severe acute pancreatitis, comparing two different approaches. We compared the results of a retrospective review from to group A with a prospective protocol, from to group B.

In group A severe pancreatitis was defined by the presence of systemic or local complications. In group B the Atlanta criteria were used to define severity. The variables analyzed were: age, gender, etiology, APACHE II, leukocytes, bicarbonate, fluid collections and necrosis on computed tomography, surgical treatment and mortality.

Half of the patients in group A and two 4. Mortality reached The search for a new drug that could change the natural history of the disease is a continuing challenge for many researchers.

The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of a cyclooxygenase-2 COX-2 inhibitor on experimental AP in rats. The COX-2 inhibitor parecoxib was injected immediately after AP induction, through the penis dorsal vein.

The parameters evaluated were histology, serum levels of amylase, IL-6 and IL, and mortality rate. The amylase serum levels and the mortality rate remained unchanged in the treated animals. Histologic morphology also was unaltered, except for fat necrosis, which was higher in parecoxib-treated rats. Full Text Available PURPOSE: To compare the effect of parenteral versus enteral nutritional support in severe acute pancreatitis, with respect to efficacy, safety, morbidity, mortality and length of hospitalization.

The patients were compared by demographics, disease etiology, antibiotic prophylaxis, use or not of somatostatin, nutritional support, complications and disease progression. RESULTS: There was no statistical difference in the average duration of nutritional support, somatostatin, or antibiotics in the two groups.

Imipenem was the drug of choice for prophylaxis of pancreatic infections in both groups. There was no difference in average length of hospitalization in the two groups. There were three deaths in the parenteral group and none in the enteral group.

Sertralina e pancreatite aguda : relato de caso Sertraline and acute pancreatitis: a case-report. Acute pancreatitis is a severe disease with considerable morbidity and mortality. Many risk factors are causally related to acute pancreatitis.

In this report, a case of acute pancreatitis with possible causal relationship with the use of a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, sertraline, will be discussed. After one month of treatment with sertraline, a female patient, 55 years-old, developed a severe abdominal pain and showed a serum amylase elevation. She was admitted to the hospital and the use of sertraline was interrupted.

After that, the symptoms remitted and the serum amylase level returned to normal. Because of the potential severity of this disease and the widespread use of sertraline, this association should be reminded when investigating possible causes for acute pancreatitis. Effect of hyperthermia on experimental acute pancreatitis Efeito da hipertermia na pancreatite aguda experimental. In all groups, amylase serum levels, histologic damage, vascular permeability and pancreatic water content were assessed.

A single dose of Evans' blue dye was administered along with the second dose of cerulein. All animals also received a subcutaneous injection of saline solution. After this process, animals undergone hyperthermia were heated in a cage with two W lamps. Body temperature was increased to Normothermia rats were kept at room temperature in a second cage RESULTS: Control animals had typical edema, serum amylase activity and morphologic changes of this acute pancreatitis model.

Retinopatia de Purtscher-like e pancreatite aguda Purtscher-like retinopathy and acute pancreatitis. Purtscher-like retinopathy is acute loss of vision associated image of the multiple areas of retinal whitening and hemorrhage in the posterior pole of both eyes.

The exact mechanism of injury remains unclear, current evidence suggests that it is embolic in nature. In a variety of conditions are been described including acute pancreatitis, fat embolism syndrome, renal failure, childbirth, and connective tissue disorders.

Will are related three cases of the acute pancreatitis which was confirmed by complementary laboratory studies and clinical history, associated from exam of the fundus of the eye, similar is this retinopathy. Pancreatitis aguda grave asociada a gangrena vesicular. MB was given iv in a bolus dose 2mg. Hemodynamic parameters were recorded continuously during min by Swan-Ganz catheter.

Blood samples were taken every 60 min to determine arterial and venous nitrate, malondialdehyde MDA and amylase. Pancreatic tissue was removed for histopathologic study.

There was no difference in serum amylase and necro-hemorrhagic findings with MB treatment. No volemic replacement was done and it may have been a mitigated factor to a poor tissue perfusion and impairment microcirculation. Further investigations are needed to elucidate MB treatment role during AP treatment. O AM foi administrado sob a forma de bolus EV 2mg. Removeu-se tecido. Foram registrados os dados de todos os doentes com pancreatite aguda biliar.

All patients sustaining acute biliary pancreatitis were enrolled. Patients with clinical jaundice and severe pancreatitis were excluded. All patients underwent intra-operative cholangiography IOC or pre-operative endoscopic retrograde cholangiography ERCP, which was indicated based on the odds of choledocholithiasis. In order to identify the predictors of choledocholithiasis, variables were compared between patients.

Full Text Available Resumo Neste estudo foram avaliados, por meio da ultra-sonografia, 21 pacientes com pancreatite aguda leve. We analyzed the ultrasonographic findings of 21 patients with mild acute pancreatitis. The presence or absence of pancreatic hypoechogenicity and peripancreatic fluid collection was assessed. Pancreatic hypoechogenicity was identified in 19 patients No abnormality was seen in 2 patients 9.

Regarding the etiology of acute pancreatitis, cholelithiasis was identified in 15 patients The authors conclude that ultrasonography may identify abnormalities in the majority of patients with mild acute pancreatitis and can be used to assess patients with peripancreatic fluid collections. O paciente deu entrada no hospital com fortes dores em abdome superior. Nutritional support in patients with severe acute pancreatitis Soporte nutricional en pacientes con pancreatitis aguda grave.

Full Text Available Severe acute pancreatitis is associated with a systemic inflammatory response leading to a hypermetabolic, hypercatabolic condition; for those reasons, patients suffering from this disease require an excellent artificial nutritional support in order to maintain the structural integrity and the function of vital organs with minimal pancreatic secretion.

Total parenteral nutrition has been the standard practice in the treatment of patients with severe acute pancreatitis because of the favorable outcomes of early nutritional support while avoiding pancreatic stimulation; however, recent evidence suggests there are potentially greater benefits with enteral as compared with parenteral nutrition, including fewer septic and metabolic complications and lesser costs.

That is why present guidelines for the management of acute pancreatitis recommend that enteral instead of parenteral nutrition be used in patients with severe acute pancreatitis. Injuria renal aguda en la sepsis grave Acute kidney injury in severe sepsis. La mortalidad global fue The present study. Pancreatite aguda devida a hematoma intramural do duodeno por uso de anticoagulante Acute pancreatitis due to intramural hematoma of the duodenum by use of anticoagulant therapy.

Background - Spontaneous intramural hemorrhage of the duodenum due to anticoagulant therapy is rare and the treatment is controversial. Objective - To present the acquired knowledge with the treatment of these disease. Case report - A year-old women receiving for a 3 month period an anticoagulant therapy presented cervical bleeding of soft tissues and symptoms of acute pancreatitis and high small bowel obstruction. Early noninvasive diagnosis by computed tomographic scan was possible and conservative therapy proved successful in complete resolution of the pancreatitis and obstructive symptoms, with resumption of oral intake in the fourth day of treatment.

The frequency of bleeding in high risk patients during warfarin therapy. Os valores de amilase estavam normais em todos os tempos avaliados nos animais do grupo controle. Is there a therapeutic window for pentoxifylline after the onset of acute pancreatitis?

Determinations of lung myeloperoxidase activity MPO, histological analysis of lung and pancreas, and mortality study were performed. A decrease in mortality was observed in the PTX treatment compared to the saline group. Severe hypertriglyceridemia during pregnancy rarely occurs but it frequently produces complications, such as acute pancreatitis, a serious health risk both for the mother and the fetus.

During gestation, bezafibrate was substituted for 3. No complication occurred during pregnancy, the patient delivered vaginally 40 weeks, and the newborn g did not present any morphological alterations. We conclude that an adequate diet and the. Utilizados os descritores: asthma, children, emergency, magnesium sulfate. Foram utilizados os seguintes descritores de forma cruzada: pancreatitis, surgical procedures; necrosis. A pesquisa inicial evidenciou cerca de Although known for many centuries, many questions remain open about this entity and a great number of articles were published about this matter in the last few years.

METHOD: A throughout research in the literature, with special attention to the articles published in the last three years and indexed to the PubMed was performed. The following headings were used: pancreatitis, surgical procedures, necrosis. The initial research rendered about 13 articles, and the ones published in the last three. Full Text Available Acute pancreatitis is an uncommon condition in childhood.

Gallstones rarely cause pancreatitis in children. Instead, the leading causes of pancreatitis tend to be trauma, infecctions, drugs, congenital disorders. Resultados: Foram obtidos apenas nove artigos originais. Moreover, neither have its effects on the outcome of acute pancreatitis been fully investigated.


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