The circles represent the colors produced by the camera and the squares represent the ideal version. The distance between the squares and the circle represents the error of the camera for that color. The greater the distance between the square and the circle, the greater the error. Color is a strength of the DX and reflects Kodak's experience in both imaging and color technology. Kodak takes a different approach than most, opting for under-saturated color replication. The

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Kodak EasyShare. For interactive tutorials, www. Eastman Kodak Compan y. Roches ter , New Yo rk P roduct Ov er view. OK butt on Pre ss ;. T op and B ottom Views. Instal l S oftware First.. Need Thi s Guide in Larger Print? Package Co ntents Chargi ng t he Bat tery Loadi ng the Batt ery Attachi ng the Neck Stra p and Lens C ap Turning On the Cam era Setting t he Date a nd Time Checking C amera and Picture St atus Importa nt Bat tery Info rmati on..

Take a Picture Pictur e-Taking M odes PASM M ode Shooting Close-Up and L andsca pe Pictures Using t he Auto Fo cus Fram ing Ma rks Quickview —Reviewin g the Picture Jus t Taken Using the O ptical Zoom Using t he Adva nced Digi tal Zo om.

Using the Fl ip-up Flas h Using a n External Flash Un it Putting Y oursel f in the Pict ure Taking a Burs t Series of Pictures Chang ing Op tiona l Settin gs Setting Pi cture Qu ality Setting C olor Mod e. Resettin g Manua l Settin gs to De faults Pre-tagg ing for Al bum Nam es Placing t he Date on Pictures.. Setting th e Orient ation Sens or Taking a Vi deo Quickview — Reviewing th e Video Ju st Taken Using the O ptical Z oom.

Chang ing Opti onal V ideo Se tting s Elimina te Camera N oise During Recording Setting Vi deo Len gth Putting Yoursel f in the Vid eo Viewing Si ngle Pictu res and Videos Playing a Video Viewing M ultipl e Pictures and Video s Deleting Pictures and Video s Chang ing Op tional Review Setti ngs. Magnif ying Pi ctures Protecting Pictures a nd Videos From Dele tion Running a Slide Sho w Copying P ictures and Videos Displ aying V ideo D ate Protecting the Lens D uring Review Tagging Pictures for Printi ng Tagging Pictures and Video s for Ema iling Tagging Pictures an d Video s as Favo rites Need Help?

Setup Menu s Returning to t he P revious Menu Chang ing the D efault Print Quanti ty Turning Off Qui ckview Chang ing Adva nced Di gital Zo om Turning Off the Sh utter Sou nd Turning Off the M ode Descri ptio n Setting Vi deo Ou t.

Selecting a Langua ge Format ting Int ernal M emory or C ard Viewing C amera In forma tion Wind ows OS-b ased Syst em Requirem ents Mac OS 8. Instal l the Softwa re Printing Pi ctures fr om Your Co mputer Print Wit h or Wit hout a C omp uter..

Camera Do ck Pa ckage Cont ents Instal ling th e Custom Camera Insert. Connectin g the Cam era Dock Docking t he Camer a Chargi ng the Batt ery Transfer ring Pi ctures Wit h the Dock Reviewing Pictures and Video s.. Troubles hooting — Camera Dock Camera Do ck Speci fication s Earlie r Cameras and Do cks Camera Problems. Camera Screen Messages Mode L ight Stat us Helpful W eb L inks Help in thi s Manua l Softwa re Help Telephon e Custom er Support Camera Specificatio ns..

Origi nal Fact ory Sett ings.. Upgradin g Yo ur Sof tware and F irmw are Tips, S afety, Main tenan ce. Storage Ca pacities Locatin g Pictures and Vide os on a Card Picture Na ming Co nvention s Power-Sav ing Featu res


User manual KODAK EASYSHARE DX6490 - 1

Quick Links. Download this manual. Kodak EasyShare. Table of Contents. Troubleshooting Reviewing Pictures and Videos 99 Troubleshooting


Kodak EASYSHARE DX6490 user manual

Eastman Kodak's "EasyShare" line of digital cameras have consistently impressed me as living up to their name, being one of the most unfailingly easy to use line of digicams out there. With the new EasyShare DX though, Kodak moves beyond pure ease of use although the camera is still very easy to use in full-auto mode to encompass a range of capabilities that allow the DX to satisfy the desires of "enthusiast" photographers as well. While EasyShare cameras have always had very good color and excellent white balance systems, their lens quality was generally appropriate to the "consumer" market in which they played, and exposure flexibility was generally very limited. The Kodak EasyShare DX then, comes as a surprise on many fronts, with a 4-megapixel CCD, a high-quality Schneider-Kreuznach 10x optical zoom lens with much lower than average distortion, a capable autofocus system that works down to very low light levels, and an electronic viewfinder system that likewise works very well in dim lighting. Its exposure system spans a range of control from fully automatic to fully manual, and an external flash sync connector permits use with external flash units or even studio strobes.

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