Quick Links. Download this manual. Basic Guide. Please read this guide before operating this equipment. After you finish reading this guide, store it in a safe place for future reference. Table of Contents.

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Quick Links. Download this manual. Basic Guide. Please read this guide before operating this equipment. After you finish reading this guide, store it in a safe place for future reference. Table of Contents. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language or computer language in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, magnetic, optical, chemical, manual, or otherwise, without the prior written permission of Canon Inc.

Page 3: How To Use The Documentation Provided How to use the documentation provided Printed sheet This sheet includes instructions for setting up your machine and getting it ready for use. Follow all steps in this sheet before using your machine. Printed manual After following instructions in the Setup Sheet, refer to this guide for instructions on all functions of your machine. Page 6 9: Troubleshooting Problems installing and removing software Page 7: Safety Information Safety information Read this safety information thoroughly before using your machine and keep it handy in case you need to refer to it later.

If you use a cardiac pacemaker and feel abnormalities, please move away from this product and consult your doctor. Also do not place heavy objects on the power cord, pull on it, or extensively bend it. Page 9 Then contact your local authorised Canon dealer or the Canon help line.

Page 10 If water etc. Page 12 Preface Also, apply Scanner. Before turning on the machine, make sure the document cover is closed. This ensures optimum print quality but also consumes a small amount of ink during the cleaning process.

Page 18 Document handling Chapter Page 20 Bubble Jet Paper LC Developed for high quality printing with minimal or no smearing when in contact with water or damp surfaces.

This specially coated paper produces bright and vivid colours and stands up to normal office highlighters. Size: A4, Letter Quantity: Approx. Page 22 High Gloss Photo Film HG A bright white finish film that lends striking visual power to charts, graphs, and photographic images. It creates a sharper and more vivid colour output than is possible with coated paper. Page General Print Media Guidelines —Be aware that some types of clear plastic folders and albums may cause the edges of the paper to turn yellow.

Chapter 3 or 17 lb. If the print media is curled, uncurl Print media handling p. Before printing, be sure to set the paper thickness lever. Follow this procedure to set the paper thickness lever: Open the inner cover.

Page Setting The Print Media Size And Type Setting the print media size and type For copying, you need to set the size and type of print media loaded in the multi-purpose tray. Page Loading Print Media Loading print media Loading paper Follow this procedure to load paper in the multi-purpose tray: Open the multi-purpose tray q, then the tray extension w.

Place a stack of paper print side up in the multi-purpose tray q and adjust the paper guide A to the width of the stack w. Page 27 Remove any curling by holding the edges diagonally and bending them gently. If the edges of the envelope are inflated or are curling up, place the envelope on a desk and with a pen press down on it moving from the centre towards the edges of the envelope. For instructions, see the Setup Sheet or the Software Guide. Once open in the Viewer, if you want to edit your document, you can open it in the MultiPASS Photo Enhancer to make advanced image adjustments, such as applying filters or effects to your document.

It cannot interrupt any activities. When the Status Monitor is open, it displays as a window on the Windows desktop and as an icon in the Windows taskbar.

Is the machine selected as the default printer? You can check if your machine is set as the default printer when you open the Print dialogue box in an application and your machine is selected in the Printer box. In the Printers Printers and Faxes window, double-click the printer icon, right click the print job, then click [Cancel Printing] or [Cancel]. Page Changing Print Settings Manually Changing print settings manually Follow this procedure to change print settings manually: With your document open in the Windows application, click the print command.

In the Print dialogue box, click [Properties]. In the Properties dialogue box, define your settings on the appropriate tabs or dialogue boxes. Page 38 Printing from your computer —Basic operation Chapter Page Documents You Can Copy Chapter Copying Documents you can copy For information on the types of documents you can copy, their requirements, and details on loading them, see Chapter 2.

Page Reducing Or Enlarging A Copy Reducing or enlarging a copy You can reduce or enlarge copies in three different ways: using preset copy ratios, using custom copy ratios, or automatically reducing or enlarging an image to fit on the print media size selected. Using preset copy ratios Refer to Making copies on p. Page Copying An Image To Fit The Page Copying an image to fit the page If the document to be copied is on paper larger or smaller than the specified print media size p.

Page Advanced Copy Features Advanced copy features Copying two pages on a single page This feature allows you to reduce two pages to fit onto one page.

Page Borderless Copying Borderless copying This feature allows you to copy coloured images that fill the entire page without borders.

Repeating an image on a page This feature allows you to copy an image several times onto a single page. You can set the machine to automatically select the number of times it repeats the image , or you can specify the number Preparing your image to repeat it manually Page 46 Copying your image Follow this procedure to automatically or manually repeat an image on a page: Load the document on the platen glass. Use [2 2 Adjust any necessary settings for your document Press [Menu] five times.

Use this feature when copying onto T-shirt transfers so that the image appears the right way when ironed onto fabric. Follow this procedure to make a mirror copy: Load the document on the platen glass. Page Shrinking An Image To Fit The Page Shrinking an image to fit the page If the image to be copied is larger than the output print media, this feature will automatically reduce the image to fit the print media size onto which it will be copied.

If not, see the Setup Sheet or the Software Guide. Does the document you want to scan meet the requirements for loading on the platen glass?

For details, see Chapter 2. Select the tab for the button you want and modify as necessary. Click [OK]. For details on each setting, refer to the online help or the Software Guide. Page Using The [Scan] Key On The Operation Panel Using the [Scan] key on the operation panel You can assign a scan action to the [Scan] key on the operation panel so that you only have to press this key to perform the action.

For example, you can set it to display the toolbar, or to perform one of the actions of the Toolbar scan buttons. If you install partially used ink tanks, the nozzles may block and the ink counter may not be accurate.

Once installed, do not remove from the machine and leave out in the open. Doing so may cause the ink tank not to function when reinstalled in the machine. Replacing an ink tank This section describes how to replace an ink tank. Insert the ink tank into the empty slot on the printhead. If you need to replace the other ink tank, repeat steps 3 to 5.

Page Resetting The Ink Counter Resetting the ink counter The ink counter keeps track of how much ink is left in the ink tanks allowing the machine to warn you when ink is running low. It also allows you to check the current ink level of the ink tanks at any time. Page Maintaining The Printhead If there is no improvement. Step 4 Replace the ink tank s If there is no improvement. The printhead may be damaged.

Contact your local authorised Canon dealer or the Canon help line. Chapter 8 Step 1 p. The printhead is misaligned. Page Printing The Nozzle Check Pattern Printing the nozzle check pattern The nozzle check pattern shows if each printhead nozzle is operating properly. Follow this procedure to print the nozzle check pattern from the machine: Load A4- or letter-size plain paper in the multi-purpose tray. Page Aligning The Printhead Aligning the printhead To align the printhead after you have just installed it, follow the procedure in the Setup Sheet.

If you have printed the nozzle check pattern needs aligning, align it from the operation panel or from the MultiPASS Suite software. Aligning the printhead from the operation panel Follow this procedure to align the printhead from the operation panel: Load A4- or letter-size plain paper in the multi-purpose tray. Page 60 In the Printers Printers and Faxes window, click the printer icon. On the File menu, click [Properties] or [Printing Preferences In the Properties dialogue box, on the Maintenance tab, click the printhead alignment icon.

Follow the on-screen instructions. In column A on the printout, note which box has the most solid image. Page Cleaning Your Machine Cleaning your machine This section describes the necessary cleaning procedures for your machine.

Page 62 Maintenance Chapter Page 9: Troubleshooting 3. Remove the old version of the MultiPASS Suite software following the instructions in the Software Guide of that version and try reinstalling the new version. Is another printer connected to the USB port? Reconnect the machine to the USB port.


Canon imageCLASS MPC190 Manuals

Manual zz. To get your machine ready for use, please follow the instructions in this Setup Sheet before referring to any other documentation. Unpack the machine and its components. Remove the shipping materials. USB label A Attach and close the multi-purpose tray. Connect the power cord. Load paper.


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