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Dark Service Headquarter 2. The Emperor's Residence 3. Albani Sandhollow 4. Rasalas Village 5. Residence Sewers 6. Mintaka 1 7. Nusakan Thornwood 8. Sheratan Village 9. Lake Botein Ruins Sandfeeder's Nest Greater Mintaka Nihal Desert Azha Village Lava Caves Naos Mintaka 2 Sheliak Town Nashira Village Cloudvents Cujam Village Pherkad Town Nunki Valley 1 Cebalrai Hamlet Rodolfo's Estate Nunki Valley 2 Zaurak Keep 1 Holoholo Jungle Komo Mai Opu Village Celestial Veinroots Zaurak Keep 2 Battlefields of Atria 1 Vega Building Site Matar Highlands Nekkar Quietlands Algorab Village Gemma Village Eldritch Puppet Dark Service HQ 2 Rematch Battlefields of Atria 2 Vega City Tarazed This time around, you'll travel through time and across the world with Sagi, Guillo and Milly.

Some characters from the fist game make appearance, and you'll recognize most of the emplacement despite a few changes, but you don't need to have played the first game to play the prequel. As I did with the other walkthrough, this one will be spoiler-free too, since the game holds many twists and I wouldn't want to spoil anything.

I'm not one to play RPGs for the story anyway, so I'll stay vague on this. Also, you won't find boss strategies in here except Holoholobird and another boss I won't name for spoiler reasons as most of them are based on luck and randomness -- and I'm prolly the worst person to turn to for boss strategies.

Game basics and side quests will appear in the final version of the FAQ. Sagi, the protogonist, wakes up after a strange dream. You are then called for a meeting. Before heading out, get the chest in this room for a Magnus: Will. Then leave this room and climb up the stairs on your left. In the next hallway, enter the first room and open the chest at the back for a Magnus: Leather Vest. Back in the hallway, go right and enter the big door. Take your place in the back of the formation at the right to start the briefing.

The captain will inform you of your next mission. Try to exit the room to receive 8 blank magnus, then the control panel will unexpectedly set on fire. Time to put the blank magnus to use. Examine the barrels on the right to capture the essence of the Stale Water into one of your magnus.

Then examine the fire and select the water from your inventory with the C stick. The water will put out the fire and you'll receive a Magnus: Herb from the operator for your judicious intervention. Now leave this room and you'll get the Travel Log.

Go back to the hallway to make an unfortunate ecounter. After the battle, go down to the first hallway and head through the door at the left end to get your Paramachina, Guillo by examining the second locker. Once you've got it, head back to the second hallway and you'll be stopped by some more soldiers.

Fight them, then head right. If you want to do a sidequest here for an item, read this paragraph, otherwise skip to the next. Talk to the soldier next to the save flower and he'll ask you to light up the four torches around the hallways. Start by capturing the essence of four Flame from one of the lights in the rooms, then find the four torches two on the top hallway, two on the bottom one and light them back up using the Flames. When you're done, talk to the soldier again to receive a Magnus Pack Coupon , used to buy items from the shops.

Go up the stairway once you're ready to move on. Go back to talk to the man inside the room and pour water on him again. He'll accept to help if you bring him a chunk of rubber. So go back to the hall and this time, go through the door on the left, using the key.

Fight the guards or sneak past them, then get the Chunk of Rubber from the pile in the center. Head back to the man's room, pour some more water, then give him the chunk of rubber. Head back to the hall to see the man upstairs. Examine the wall blocking the way and there you go, it's gone. Now head left and open the chest for a Magnus: Cliffsunder.

Once that's done, enter the room in the center and watch the cutscene. After this, run right and save your game. If you want to make sure you're at a good level for the boss ahead, fight some soldiers here until you're at least Lv4.

Then go through the door and run through the hallway to the next. After the battle and the cutscene that ensues, Sagi gets a vision and wakes up elsewhere. Save your game in this new area, then head up to the next area. Follow the path to the rightmost ladder and climb it down. Both ladders ahead too. Then keep heading down the path hidden by the cliff above. Examine the red glow in the rock to capture the essence of Magnetite Waves. You'll fall down below right after.

Climb down the ladder here, then go left and climb up the two ladders. Collect some more Magnetite Waves right here, which will change the path ahead. Head back down and go right to use that new path. Cross it, then you'll see a bird fly away with one of your precious treasure chests. Run up after it to catch him up and fight it to get back the chest containing a Magnus: Purple Beans. Then go up the ladder on your right and another two ladders to reach a chest on the cliff containing a Magnus: Flame Mail.

Then go back down and capture the essence of the Magnetite Waves on this side to change back the path to its original positioning. Go down all the ladders on the right to step up to a huge boulder.


Strategy Guide

Dark Service Headquarter 2. The Emperor's Residence 3. Albani Sandhollow 4. Rasalas Village 5.


Baten Kaitos Origins - Walkthrough


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