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Welcome, Guest. Please login or register. Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google Bing. Print Search. Figured I'd do a very quick review of this unit. Purchased it from Batronix.

I ordered there before and just like last time it arrived quickly and well packaged. I have no packaging fetish so no unboxing video or something but this surprised me in a good way : Three additional nozzles!

I didn't know I was getting these, so I'm a happy boy indeed! I had a Weller before and have used several over the years , so I can compare. What I noticed immediately was that the cable running up to the iron is not very flexible. It will resist rotating it, which is a bit annoying while soldering big difference with the Weller, you could pretty much ty it in a knot before it would start to wring. The other thing I noticed was the hot air tube.

To be honnest, I was expecting it to melt the first time I turned it on. In the end, that's a good thing. It offers less resistance when using it. So, this is the unit. Something odd and not very confidence inspiring is that the display and control panel is not inserted straight. Not sure if the picture conveys it, but the whole thing is tilted a bit. It obviously doesn't change how the thing works, but you'd think they could invest in a decent jig for this. Another thing that bothers me is the noise.

Not from the pump, that was to be expected. But just turned on, it makes noise. Not terribly loud but loud enough for me to hear. I'm guessing PWM, but it should not be audible.

Not a big fan of that. The down is on the right side. Perhaps it's just me, but that's counterintuitive. I'm guessing that they read right to left over there? In that case, they should have two variants Another one for the list: with Wellers, I'm used to pretty much throw the iron in the craddle.

If I'd use it like the old Weller, I'm guessing the iron would just fall out. Even when inserted correctly, the iron still wobbles a bit. It's good enough but not great. The same goes for the hot air nozzle. There's a cradle attached to the body, but there's no question of throwing anything anywhere here.

You really have to click it in the cradle, in a kinda awkward way Even then, it's better not to touch any of it while it's in the cradle. A bit to much pressure and it slides right out.

For the rest, everything works as advertised. The hot air nozzle works just fine. I can't really comment on it, never had one in the past. The solder iron itself works just fine too. Been using it for a bit, no signs of wear on the tip. Just to be clear: I don't think any of the above makes this a "bad" piece of kit at all, pretty much just details along the lines of what to expect when you buy a unit that's not from the top shelf Hope this helps someone!

Just figured out why the air tube seems so flimsy ie not rated for C Because it is not rated for C, it carries cold air and the "head" contains the heating element. Shock Super Contributor Posts: Country:. I personally think that Atten is way overpriced. Hi, I had the Tenma , but it is not tilted nor it makes any big sound a little 50Hz.

What do you think about the soldering iron? I used at work Weller, where at such temperature melt the lead-free very fast, while at home, with leaded one, seems a bit less, I would say less than I also think that the only real temperature is the hot air one. Any thoughts on this? Also, what the difference between Atten and Tenma?

Are the same company? Tenma I think is a kind of Farnell brand that buys whatever and relabbels it. Quote from: Ice-Tea on July 18, , pm. How is this station holding up? Well, the iron stopped working a few days ago. Gives a temperature of zero degrees, which I kinda think is wrong. As I was already fed up with the short and stiff cable, I'm keeping it for the hot air nozzle and have bought a Ersa station to keep it company.

Ah, too bad Good choice on Ersa. There was an error while thanking. SMF 2. EEVblog on Youtube.


Atten AT8502D

It is easy to operate, user- friendly and greatly space-saving. Atten Soldering Tip, conical, 0. Atten Nozzle, round, 4. Atten Nozzle, round, 7. Atten Soldering Tip, chisel, 1. Atten Soldering Tip, round, sloped, 1.


atten 8502d

To make it easier for you Tracking Provided. ATTEN D also is 2 in 1 electronics circuit board repair tool: rework station and soldering station. Advanced integrated computer provides outstanding thermo-control and thermo-stability for precise temperature control 2.

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