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With the latest release of Chrome i. Chrome now has square tabs for example, and somewhat different colours are used as well i. However, you may dislike this new Chrome layout. You may think: how to go back to the old Chrome?

Maar vaak wil je een digitale kopie bewaren van een webpagina, bijvoorbeeld omdat deze belangrijke informatie bevat die je wilt bewaren of doorsturen via e-mail naar iemand anders. Now, Google is starting to introduce the material design language in their Google Chrome webbrowser as well. One of these features is smooth scrolling. Google Chrome allows you to easily change from one profile to another. However, if you are the only user of your computer, that button with your name on takes up precious screen space.

You might see this warning when you visit a site that has you connected to with an HTTPS connection: This site is using outdated security settings that may prevent future versions of Chrome from being able to safely access it. By using the theme-color meta tag, you set a toolbar color in Chrome on Android 5.

This color will then be used in the app drawer as well and by using a color, your website can stand out and be recognized immediately. The Edge browser, which is developed by Microsoft and comes pre-installed on a Windows 10 system, has certainly improved a great deal compared to some years ago.

In , iTunes will no longer exist. If you using iTunes today to transfer movies from your Windows computer to your iPad, this means that you will have to come up with an alternative method to move those files over to your iOS device. However, recently, I often saw that on many website, this preview did not show correctly.

Instead, it showed a popup error message. This led me to investigate why this happens so often and how I could correct this error. WordPress has a build-in upgrade system. This system automatically informs you when there is an upgrade available for WordPress, or one of the themes or plugins that are installed on your WordPress installation. To disable this update notification, there is no switch in the settings menu or anywhere else in the admin dashboard. In a world where almost everyone has a smartphone or any other smart device, e.

Consumer-grade solutions for real-time audio-visual and textual communication are widely available and popular among audiences of all ages. The web is ready to get a whole new protocol! Add a fade out effect to a webpage. You can use this to fade text, for example. However, this example will add a fade out effect to the whole page.

If you have a block of text and you want to display it with linebreaks, such as my public PGP Key, you can add the following style to that paragraph: So this: Becomes this: You might have to add some browser specific prefixes:.


Converting Website To Pdf

If you are reading a website that contains a lot of texts and graphics, and want to save it for later reading, saving it as a PDF file is a good way to save websites for offline viewing. PDF files are easy to print, and can be read on just about any device. Open Google Chrome. Navigate to a web page you want to save. Click the icon with three dots in the upper-right corner. Click Print.



No email required. How to convert webpage into PDF by using Python. Ask Question Asked 5 years, way easier than messing around with reportlab or using a print drive to convert. Thanks so much.

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